Friday, November 4, 2016

Video Review: MYR Addiction by Simon Brown

Revalve Records
From the forthcoming album "Habits," Rome’s Myr deliver a highly polished and clinical industrial/thrash metal wall of sound. All instruments and vocals are given ample opportunity to shine through. Use of samples and keyboards give the song a gothic feel which capture the listener’s attention. As one would expect with this sound, it is a little stop/start and a nod to previous acts such as Static-X. However the listener is kept engaged by lower tuning of guitars driving a solid staccato delivery. The presence of female vocals which share duties with the male singer contrast effectively. Having said that, this is not the most technical release music wise. The video displays the band’s interpretation of the concept of addiction and the effect upon the human psyche. The animation incorporated into the video and what the band are trying to achieve in the clip mostly deliver. I do hope to see more variety from this band to avoid being one dimensional although it is an enjoyable release. To be released November 4, 2016. -Simon Brown

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