Monday, November 28, 2016

Demo Review: DUCH CZERNI Reality Of Black Spirits

Reality Of Black Spirits
War Productions
Poland’s Duch Czerni have released a series of cassette demos, splits and EPs under different labels and distros since their formation in 2013. 2016 saw the release of two demos entitled Reality Of Black Spirits and Bezdnia. I discovered this band through War Faust of War Productions and while I was researching them I found Reality Of Black Spirits is a collection of their past two EPs: 2015's Cienie Wiecznego Zmierzchu and 2016's Widma Czarnych Dusz. The band is two core members: guitarist Maciej "Azazoth" Szewczyk who plays guitar for the Polish black metal band Cthulhu Rites (inspired by the writings of Lovecraft) and drummer/vocalist Wened Wilk Sławibor who is involved in Cthulhu Rites, Blood Stronghold, Ravenmoon Sanctuary, Nocturnal Werewolf and many other Polish acts. This is Depressive Suicidal Black Metal at its most depressive and suicidal with somber, melancholy guitars, heavily distorted, hypnotic guitars and excruciatingly tortured vocals. Violin and keyboards added for additional drive. You can only imagine how fathomless and down reaching the chasm from where this demo originated is. If you dare to search and you’re not faint hearted this atramentous band will appeal to you with this invocation to all things lightless and doleful. My sole grievance about these four recordings s that the drums tend to be mixed too loud, but thankfully they don’t overshadow all else going on and there are some moving mood turns within each song. Take the transition from distorted guitars to forlorn strings in “Cienie wiecznego zmierzchu” for example and the unremittingly trance-inducing theme of “Powrót świata umarłego” which slowly fades out at its conclusion. This and more shows a lot of innovatory punch on the band’s part, that I hope they raise the bar on when work begins on their next release. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Cienie wiecznego zmierzchu
2. Ponura noc wieczności
3. Aura melancholii posępna
4. Powrót świata umarłego

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