Sunday, November 6, 2016

EP Review: SUFFERGRIND "Membunuh, Dibunuh, Terbunuh" (Brutal Mind) by Dave Wolff

The last release of Suffergrind before this debut EP was the three song demo Blasphemy of Religion. It was released in 2003 and the band was inactive until 2010 or ‘11, so I’m essentially considering them a new band as Membunuh, Dibunuh, Terbunuh was released in 2015. This EP is handled by Brutal Mind Records, an Indonesian label specializing in the most brutal of brutal death metal. People with their fingers on the pulse of the most devoted countries in the world when it comes to death metal will know Indonesia is one of them. Brutal Mind is an up and comer I was gratified to discover recently. Other bands on their roster include Abstract Putrefaction, Guttural Disease, Nekroholocaust, Omnivorous and Reviled, so there can be no mistaking the label’s direction. If Suffergrind is typical of what Brutal Mind has to offer; I’d advise any fan of extreme music to find the label online and preview anything you can from it. The band personify all there is to personify of quality death metal and grind, and seem to be raising the bar in the department of heaviness, speed and ultraviolent aggression. Their solidarity of character translates well from rehearsal to studio to completed product; you can feel the sharpness of the material and the focus channeled into its execution in the recorded tracks, The intensity they exhibit is such that it threatens to make the likes of Brujeria and Cryptopsy sound tame. I’ve heard a lot, and I’m floored by how unyieldingly heavy this band is. The guitars in particular give Membunuh, Dibunuh, Terbunuh a personable feeling of watching one of their rehearsals. Many of the blast beats are some of the fastest I’ve heard from a death metal band, pushing the material farther than I had expected at first. The guttural vocals match the pure drive of the backing musicianship, sounding like they’ve been pulled from the lowest pit of the singer’s guts. The bass is mixed in at the proper volume to provide appropriate bottom. The brief, haunting, dexterous guitar solos make their presence known without overdoing themselves. The minute and a half intro is uncommon for a death metal album, consisting of a classical/orchestral piece that sounds more like the soundtrack to a movie trailer. But looking at the big picture I can see why this piece was included as it’s meant to establish the band’s aspirations to push the boundaries of their genre. For a six track release clocking in at under twenty minutes, exposure to it will leave you feeling you’ve been utterly shredded from the inside out and prolonged exposure will likely leave you in a cerebral state somewhat likened to brain death. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Bunuh Kamu Sekarang
3. Kamu Pasti Mati
4. Dendam Berkarat
5. Memutus Nyawa
6. Membunuh Atau Dibunuh

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