Monday, January 16, 2017

Video Review: OVERTURES Artifacts live at Spazio Rock Festival 24.09.2016 by Dave Wolff

Artifacts live at Spazio Rock Festival 24.09.2016
Artifacts appears on the album 'Artifacts’ (Sleaszy Rider Records 2016)
Neil Peart of Rush said there are two means to make it in the industry: an accidental or manufactured ‘hit’ or a steady, gradual climb aboveground via excessive touring. Gorizia, Italy’s Overtures opt for the latter means, and it clearly works. If this video is an indication of their typical show, this band has its act together as they plan to tour Europe in 2017. Granted the dates are limited, but they should be sufficient to establish them a reputation. Their vid at last September’s Spazio Rock Festival in Italy has reinforced with a vengeance my belief that a band’s music speaks for itself no matter how all-encompassing MTV has become. Spazio Rock is just one of the many Italy based fests where Overtures appeared in 2016; there were Over The Noise, Festinenda and Isola Rock just to name a few. That so many Italian festivals are active proves the validity of their audiences. Before their next tour with fellow Italians Temperance stopping in Italy, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland, their live performance of Artifacts will give you an impression of what they’re capable of onstage. Backed by minimalist lighting and a pair of female backing vocalists, Overtures deliver a five minute opus heavily inspired by classic metal, symphonic metal and prog metal, with underlying hints of black metal and melodic death metal. The guitars, vocals and keyboards take you to a world far from the mundane, and the bass is afforded enough presence in the final mixing and the drummer is a solid anchor without expending too much energy. The band members are clad entirely in black to establish presence for the fans, but this video holds talent and ability as important as their image if not more so. The backup singers are present to enhance the song and not for the sole purpose of eye candy, revealing minimal skin in the long gothic dresses they wear. Their voices add to the choruses as if dark angels are suddenly emerging onto the scene. The lead singer exhibits a range that carries the piece to new heights as it progresses. Artifacts the full length is now available for purchase, pick it up if you’re a fan of Queensryche, Dream Theater, Nightwish and Moonspell. -Dave Wolff

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