Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Video Review: ROT Uncertain Future by Simon Brown

Uncertain Future
From their current full length Old Dirty Grindcores (Give Praise)
Dirty, disgusting, underproduced grindcore. Exactly how it should be done. The film clip is comprised of historical footage from WWII era, Martin Luther King rallies and other events between the 1940’s – 1970’s. From the album “Old Dirty Grindcores,” all instruments including the vocals are distorted, with both vocals and drums being muffled. There is not much to add for the one minute, twenty four second track aside from it is impressive and almost a cross between Mortician and Darkthrone. The listener therefore knows what to expect. Uncompromising blasts and an almost punk like attitude in delivery and approach to song writing show this band are not afraid to stay true to the ideals of the style they perform. For a style sometimes accused of being sloppy in approach, this band are held together by tight drumming and fills which make it easy for the guitars and bass to buzz mercilessly. I look forward to hearing more of what this band can offer in the future and so far, this is the best grind release I have heard this year. Highly recommended. Out now on Give Praise Records, Karusu Killer and Power-It-Up. -Simon Brown

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