Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Video Review: CANDIRIA Wandering Light (Live at Spaceman Sound) by Simon Brown

Wandering Light (Live at Spaceman Sound)
From their latest full length While They Were Sleeping (Metal Blade)
The Brooklyn, New York-based group attempts to fuse the genres of metal, hardcore, hip-hop and jazz. Delivering their sound through a simplistic approach, an influence of late era Meshuggah is immediately apparent. A difficult listen but experimental in nature, the music presents as somewhat disjointed. Visually, the camera angles are sufficient to give the band the feel of playing live. In saying this, there appears to be no audience interaction. Perhaps this was merely a rehearsal to capture the feel of what the band can offer in a live setting. The guitar solo is a musical highlight of the track. Sound wise, the recording does not sound live at all but rather a studio recording which the band jammed to in a rehearsal space for the video footage. The vocals present the diversity one would expect from a band conglomerating a fusion of styles. Rhythm section adequately supports the disjointed riffing from the guitars and the band manage to stay in time through the multitude of tempo changes. Production wise, everything is clear but has a low-fi, almost grunge like feel to the sound. For fans of “core” styles strictly or those who want a listening experience like metal, but not metal in nature. -Simon Brown

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