Tuesday, January 14, 2020

EP Review: HUMAN PANCAKE "Untitled 2020" (Independent) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Band: Human Pancake
Location: Southeast Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Genre: Goregrind
EP: Untitled 2020
Label: Independent
Format: Digital
Release date: January 5, 2020
I have really been neglecting my usual music reviews. Since mid-December, I have been on a roller coaster of cheap beer and home grown cannabis, but I think now is the time to finally buckle down and get some reviewing done.
During my usual (well, not so usual over the holidays) Youtube search, I scrolled upon a handful of bands that peaked my interest. One release I came to was the 2020 ''Untitled'' EP by Human Pancake. I have heard Human Pancake before (and enjoyed it) so I decided the first thing on my to-do list would be to give this quick offering some words.
I need to mention that ''tight'' would not be a proper word to describe the tracks held within. The drums and riffs are played with mild ''sloppy'' overtones, but in honesty, this adds to the gruesome ''grossness'' that the EP presents.
The vocals are heavily pitched and distorted to near perfection, adding the ''goregrind spark'' to the music. Another thing worth mentioning is the production quality. It is very much on the rough/raw side, but again... this is fucking goregrind, so that is ok!
All in all this EP was a pleasure to listen to. It is not the best goregrind I have heard in recent months, but it is without question well done and would be a nice addition to the collections of grind and gore fans everywhere. Clocking in at under seven minutes, this is well worth at least one listen. Old school goregrind, homie! -Devin Joseph Meaney

Dr. Dank: All vocals and instruments

Track list:
1. Esophageal Distress
2. Burst Hernia
3. Kidney Failure
4. Inflamed Appendix
5. Gangrene

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