Friday, January 24, 2020

Full Length Review: VOMI NOIR "Les Myasmes de la Deliquescence" (Terrible Mutilation Records) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Band: Vomi Noir
Location: Toulouse
Country: France
Genre: Goregrind
Full Length: Les Myasmes de la Deliquescence
Label: Terrible Mutilation Records
Also released on Bringer of Gore Records and A Symphony of Death Rattles
Format: Digital album, 12" 45rpm black vinyl, 12" 45 rpm opaque brown vinyl, 12" 45rpm clear yellow vinyl, CD (Terrible Mutilation Records)
Release date: December 13, 2019
After a busy day of appointments and job hunting, I came home, ate some salad, and immediately logged on to my computer for my almost nightly goregrind fix. The first thing that jumped out at me during my search was the 2019 LP ''Les Myasmes de la Deliquescence'' by Vomi Noir. I have been meaning to check out this band for months now, so I decided that this LP would be the first thing I listened to.
Within minutes of loading up Youtube, I had this LP pulsing through my speakers, and I can honestly say that this is without question a goregrind masterpiece. Reminding me of (early) Carcass, Gruesome Stuff Relish, and Blue Holocaust, I was riddled with ear-gasms and an intense desire to destroy everything in my bedroom.
After doing a bit of research on Google, I found out that the similarities between Vomi Noir and Blue Holocaust really make sense. Pierre (from Blue Holocaust and Braindead Webzine) is the guitarist and vocalist of this band, and just like anything else he puts his hand to, this LP is well put together, filled with talent, gore, and genuine putrid blasphemies.
Something worth mentioning is the lead guitar solos. I may be a bit off the mark here, but the riffage held within reminds me of very early Obituary. The music and feel of the LP as a whole is much different (and more entertaining I might add) than anything put out by Obituary, but the style of the leads is similar.
Fans of goregrind, grindcore, and pure audio violence should be more than pleased to give Les Myasmes de la Deliquescence a listen. A vibrant splatter-fest, I plan to return to this LP time and time again, and I would encourage anyone that likes this kind of thing to do the same. Listen to the LP. Buy the LP. Buy merch. Do what you can to spread and support this sickness... it is an absolute gem! 10/10. -Devin Joseph Meaney

Pierre: Guitars, vocals
David: Bass
Laurent: Drums

Track list:
1. Ouverture Thanatopsique
2. L'effusion Ichoreuse d'une Hémoptysie Foudroyante
3. Reliquats Pestiférant
4. Eclatements Humorragiques dans l'Acrimonie Putride
5. Les Myasmes de la Déliquescence
6. Révulsion
7. Dystopies Mutagènes
8. Pustulations Orificielles
9. Les Vibrions Septiques de Dégénérescence Nécrobiotique
10. Le Fracas Mutilant d'une Desquamation Infectieuse
11. La Fluxion Morbifique des Sugillations Purpuriques
12. D'entre Les Profondeurs Viscérales
13. Spumation Infernale d'une Masse Pulsatile et Coruscante
14. L'odieuse Rancissure d'une Pyorrhée Méphitique
15. Raptus Phléboréxique Dilacérant
16. Amoncellement de Chairs Corrompues
17. Parasitose Hallucinatoire
18. Le Traumatisme Ecchymotique des Lésions Goutteuses
19. Intussuception Intestinale Invaginée
20. Autolyse
21. Crassamentum Ecarlate
22. Le Bourdonnement Incessant des Mouches Bleues
23. Fantasmagories Pathologiques

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