Thursday, April 16, 2020

EP Review: Orbyssmal "Impostomb" (Independent) by Sarah McKellar

Project: Orbyssmal
Location: Brisbane
Country: Australia
Genre: Experimental black/death metal
Label: Independent
Format: Digital
Release date: April 15, 2020
Orbyssmal is a raw and experimental blackened death solo project from Brisbane, Australia. “Impostomb” is their 2019 EP release. An unrelenting, brutal, blackened death approach is consistent throughout “Impostomb” and is to be expected of Orbyssmal. Brutal vocals add an extra chaotic element to a blackened death feel which instantly grabs your attention and leaves you waiting in anticipation for the next track. The raw and aggressive approach continues constantly throughout “Impostomb” with a constantly unrelenting and tight sound. A mournful and raw approach displays another musical aspect of Orbyssmal to be appreciated. Discordant and chaotic- “Impostomb” has a hard and fast approach and is a constant exercise in how much brutality one band can pack into one release. –Sarah McKellar

Orbyssmal: 8 string terror, 5 string pulse, drums of war, vocal dischords.

Track list:
1. 610
2. Claustrovessel
3. Antipathy Enormity
4. Odium
5. Servitor Immemorial
6. Dystopian Forthcoming

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