Monday, April 20, 2020

Poem: "Vision of colors" by Sky Claudette Soto

Vision of colors
By Sky Claudette Soto

I have seen Spiders Redder than Red weaving webs upon this earth,strewning, beyond dimensions
I move towards ,dual flames ignite, and orbs have gravitated towards I ,
As I am in my truth honoring my soul in numerous of ways ,
Positioned forth I am towards a realm of spheres,
As I peer down , I observe those of a joyous nature gallavanting in thy fallen leaves
That have been strewn like twine from thine universe on a crisp autumn night
While sipping ever so graciously a gorgeous concoction seasonally prepared of pine needle tea thy freshest of pine I had ever seen whilst seated on a walk bridge, coveted in autumnal leaves in an ever so resilient and gregarious vision of colors as Palo Santo emerges from the corner of my eyes my eyes of devotion.

First American Publishing Rights only
Written by -Sky Claudette Soto
Copyright -2019-2020