Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Full Length Review: Graveyard "The 6th Extinction" (Prof Sny Records) by Dave Wolff

Band: Graveyard
Location: Shoreham, New York
Country: USA
Genre: Political death noise
Full Length: The 6th Extinction
Label: Prof Sny Records
Format: Digital, CD
Release date: March 13, 2020
“The 6th Extinction” is a loose continuation of Graveyard’s last album “Opus V”, basically resuming the narrative where it left off. Where “Opus V” hinted at a coming global apocalypse, Graveyard’s latest recording presents an abhorrent picture of said apocalypse and the impact it will have on the world at large. “The 6th Extinction” plays like an independent film directed by a madman, presenting images much more horrific than Jörg Buttgereit or E. Elias Merhige could translate into film. There has yet to be a movie made about the social and governmental breakdown of the world, but if one was made this band should be involved to some extent. The symbolic cover artwork does more than what is needed to give you a hint of what you can expect. While I listened to this album I went back to revisit “Opus V”; while that album was an over-the-edge schizophrenic portraiture of governments, corporations and news programs and their relationships with the public, “The 6th Extinction” is a relentlessly pertinacious spectacle of how bleak things will become once societies start breaking down. What’s unique about this album is that it goes another step further speculating the severity of what could happen the moment the floodgates of forty years finally open. Most bands conceptualized tales to warn of what could come, but didn’t take it further since it was considered a difficult event to conceptualize. Graveyard takes that first look into this and makes the resulting devastation clear to the listener. Little by little it pieces together what man’s folly has finally created since human beings were too short-sighted to consider the long term effects of their hunger to control and dominate. It’s not meant to be a pretty picture as it captures the mass panic that would likely be shown on media (or perhaps not) and the bloodshed that will come about when martial law is imposed. Needless to say it’s unsettling to think about, especially when you consider the political, financial and environmental issues that will be affected by such a turn of events. Also check out the promotional movie the band made to coincide with the release of the album. –Dave Wolff

The Raz: Rhythm guitar, vocals
Custodian Killer: Lead guitar, backing vocals
Thomas Jorgensen: Drums, programming

Track list:
1. Were You Attempting Suicide?
2. Earth’s Acumen
3. It Is All Obscene
4. Money Is Virus
5. USA Is Dead
6. Denial
7. Panic And Terror
8. Marshall Law Is Now Nationwide
9. 6th Extinction
10. Climate Shift
11. Mole People
12. Hell Storms
13. Fractured Planet
14. Rapture Of Fire
15. Final Extinction

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