Monday, April 20, 2020

Poem: "The Abyss That Is My Heart" by Jerry Langdon

The Abyss That Is My Heart
© Jerry Langdon 2019

Hear the cries
As they rise
From the endlessness
Of total darkness.
Where agony reigns
With unsurmounted pain.
Face the peril
That is infernal.
Eternal torment waits
At dark gates.
One last choice left,
To wish for death.
As you begin to plummet
You will never forget
The beauty of the light
Traded for eternal night.
When love eternal
Becomes pain infernal.
That is my heart
Being ripped apart.
One last choice left,
To wish for death.
In an impertinent attempt
To make misery exempt,
Repent to the relentlessness
Of endless darkness.

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