Monday, April 5, 2021

Full Length Review: Token Drew the Legend "LuSoGo: Collector’s Edition" (2516844 Records DK) by Corban Skipwith

Artist: Token Drew the Legend
Location: New York City, New York
Country: USA
Genre: Rap, hip hop
Full Length: LuSoGo: Collector’s Edition
Format: Digital album
Label: 2516844 Records DK
Release date: February 13, 2021
Welcome back everyone, it’s time again for another album review and boy oh boy do we have a treat for you! Because this is another new artist to me but after this one I guarantee I’ll be nothing but keeping a watchful eye on his progress! Let me introduce you to
Token Drew and his album ‘LuSoGo: Collector’s Edition’
So to my knowledge this is the debut album by rap artist Token who as I said above is a new artist I discovered through Facebook and when I was given the opportunity to review his album I jumped right on it and let me just say I was FAR from disappointed!
First thing I want to discuss is the lyricism and vocal performances by Token! See in this album I see something that you just don’t see very often (at least not anymore) and that’s 4th-5th verses! See on this album there are plenty of songs that surpass the 4 minute mark and some that even go past 5 and within that time span he doesn’t waste any times with layering one verse after another between a sweet and to the point chorus and hook!
See, in today’s era it’s mostly common for people to have 1-2 verses per song as the attention span of listeners have dropped and I suppose the artists today don’t care to put in that extra effort for extra verses for whatever reason they might have and so we are left with a hip hop normality of short and sweet songs.
But here he’s following the late 80’s and 90’s route of 3-4 verses per song! It’s actually a great sign of his intellectual capabilities as well as his passion for the art to put this much thought into his lyrics and flow!
If there’s one thing negative I will say about this album (and it’s not even that big of a deal) but if there was anything I would say is that I feel the song lengths some times can be ‘too’ long, not that I don’t appreciate the effort as stated above I think it’s amazing he’s doing what he’s doing but at the same time songs don’t need to always be that length and I just felt some of them were dragging but if shortening the tracks meant sacrificing the lyricism, flow or wordplay then I would happily keep the length)
The biggest surprise for me on this album was the production! I was blown away with the diversity he brought to the table. Every song had it’s own unique style and flare to it! Take the intro track for example which had this larger then life vibe with the choir in the background sounding like something out of a superhero movie!
Then on some tracks you have this strong Electronic/Dubstep vibe, there’s also some tracks with heavy Punk/Rock vibes, Hip Hop vibes, 2000’s Rnb vibes, Studio Rnb I mean this album is all over the place (In the best way possible!)
It got to the point where after each track finished I was waiting in anticipation for what the next track would bring fourth, as if I was playing a fun guessing game with myself over what I can expect to hear next.
Not too often do you get albums that really provide such a pallette of different sounds and textures like this one does, I can tell you one thing If you don’t find a style you like within this album then your lying because apart from maybe country music he literally has it all here and I’m so happy I got to be a part of that experience!
I feel personally this is a very strong representation of things to come, on one hand you could be pessimistic and say he revealed all his cards by pulling out all the stops so early in his career but I’m going to remain on the optimistic side and say that this is just the tip of the iceberg for Token and that he’s a creative mind that has a lot more to offer and present to us and I honestly can’t wait to be here waiting and watching!
I highly recommend everyone listen to this album! It’s got everything you could want from a Hip Hop album and more! So please go check this guy out, subscribe to all his stuff, follow him and most importantly check out the music! -Corban Skipwith

Track list:
1. Collector’s Anthem
2. Jackie Kennedy (feat. Fame Yno and Steezo Crooks)
3. LuSoGo
4. Want The D (feat. Primal)
5. Smokin’ With Token
6. I Want It All
7. Spazz Out
8. Devil In The Details (feat. Kryptik T)
9. Price Tag
10. Final Form (feat. Primal)
11. Real Shit (feat. Kryptik T)
12. Green Eggs N Spam (feat. Primal)
13. Tales Of Chaos (feat. Kryptik T)


This review can also be read at Skipwith’s Facebook group Relentless Reviews With Corbz. Reposted with permission. -DW

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