Thursday, April 8, 2021

Single Review: Betrayal "Disorder Remains" by Jorge A. Trejos

Band: Betrayal
Location: Aschaffenburg, Bavaria
Country: Germany
Genre: Death Metal
Single: Disorder Remains
From their upcoming full length “Disorder Remains”, to be released by Rising Nemesis Records, April 16, 2021
Release date: March 25, 2021
“Disorder Remains” is the single the German group Betrayal has chosen to promote what will be their second album "Disorder Remains", which will be available this coming April through Rising Nemesis Records. The band call themselves Modern Death Metal, and cites bands like Misery Index, Death and Behemoth among his influences. But truth be told, you won't hear much of that on this single. This is, rather, a Death Metal type with its melodic streak, ragged vocals, sharp guitars, with an interesting solo and drumming that reverberates in time. The inclusion towards the end of what seems to be piano that offers a good closing since it makes us think that the fog has ascended leaving us in the dark. Good band; if the rest of the cuts are made with the same material, the end result will be promising. –Jorge A. Trejos

Alex B: Vocals, guitar
Bastian Kraus: Lead guitar
Phil Valenta: Bass
Manuel C: Drums

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