Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Single Review: Auld "Hollow Mews" (Eschatonic Records) by Ashara Armand

Band: Auld
Location: Canberra
Country: Australia
Genre: Folk black metal
Single: Hollow Mews
From their upcoming EP “...of Petrichor and I” to be released on Eschatonic Records May 5, 2021
Format: Digital, streaming
Label: Eschatonic Records
Release date: April 15, 2019
I will not bullshit you. Everyone has a reason to write a song. Everyone has a reason to write anything, basically. We all have those moments where we want to write something and get it out of our system. The words itself sound like an outcry. You can feel the tension in the writing. You can feel that someone was trying to get something off of the chest. This is a band that I never heard of before. I have always been hesitant to listen to new music. If it's not something that I'm really pulled into by hearing the first few chords. I was surprised. I didn't think I would like it. But I do. We have come to a point that during this pandemic we have to try new things, despite our opinions. Despite any opinion from any individual. When you go through a phase of self-discovery, go through the self-discovery of finding music. They say music cures the soul.
Having your own soundtrack is important. Does it matter what song it is, as long as it sounds good? As long as it's for the moment that you find yourself in a deep hole and that one song gets you out of it. It inspires you to uplift yourself. Maybe this is a song that you go to that you are experiencing grief or anger. You just want to throw things. You want to hear breaking glass. Sometimes you need a fantastic scream. Not everything has to be negative. Society takes music to a different aspect sometimes. It will get misconstrued. People's opinions take a different turn. It's because they want something to complain about. That's the actual reality. It's always about something, but they don't like or what they don't understand. It's not really about understanding for the reason of someone's artistic value or their Vibes. It's because they wanted to write it and they wanted to get something out there. It was because at the moment it sounds good. Sometimes your hand leads you across the paper and the words just pour out. It's better to pour out than be missed. I think you should get that one moment of creativity you just have to run with it you have to go with it in order to really feel. The inspiration inside of you.
Sometimes the pain is the best inspiration. When you feel voiceless, the only thing you can do is write things down because you are your only Outlet, the book in your hand is the only out like you have to keep from screaming. Or lashing out at somebody. But this is my opinion. You can take it how you want it. It really doesn't matter. It's what your perception really tells you. You can listen to the song in form of an opinion all your own. No one is holding a knife to your neck. Listen to it.
I am grateful that I came across this song. Teaches me about somebody else's methods. This tiny piece has potential. It's a respectable piece. It has menacing vibes. But who doesn't like that type of shit nowadays? I hope you like the song. I wish the band all the success in the world. They have an extreme amount of talent. –Ashara Armand

Daniel Weber
Arron O’Cearbhaill
Joshua Smith-Roberts
Craig Novak

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