Thursday, September 9, 2021

Full Length Review: UnFaced "Filary Szaleństwa" (Independent) by Corban Skipwith

Band: UnFaced
Location: Bogatynia
Country: Poland
Genre: Progressive metal
Full Length: Filary Szaleństwa
Format: Digital album
Label: Independent
Release date: July 19, 2021
I want you to ask yourself ‘when was the last time you were blown away by an album?’ Luckily in what I do I come across dozens of albums a week, some good, others great! But how many blow you away? Today, it was this.
Filary Szaleństwa by Unfaced.
So this is the July 2021 release by the Polish band ‘Unfaced’ coming off of Bandcamp and presenting me with 13 new tracks.
What’s unique already off the bat about this album is that it’s explained as ‘tells the stories of famous, masked characters from movies and games’.
That already had me pumped! Just the creativity alone is magic! And although this version is all in Polish they say an ‘English’ version is coming soon which would be amazing to hear what they’re actually saying in the words and lyrics. But no matter that because what they’ve presented us with on this version is more than enough to take top reigns on any Metal chart. I was so impressed with this album in so many ways.
Let’s talk production shall we? Because as I was listening to this absorbed by every song after the next it made me think of what this album reminds me off? Because it has a very unique/immersive aura that you just don’t get with every album.
Then it hit me! Tool! This band reminds me of Tool! Which TRUST ME I never use a comparison like that lightly!
I want you to imagine for a moment what it would sound like if Carach Angren combined with TOOL and this is what the end result would be. It’s glorious to say the least!
You’ve got your grand theatrical aspect most commonly associated with Carach with their chilling performances and vocal passages along with the various background noises and effects that add to the bone crushing atmosphere.
Then you have that ‘Out of this world’ aesthetic that TOOL bring to the table, that interstellar, dream like aesthetic that makes every album of theirs feel centuries ahead of its time. These two elements combined make for one of the most interesting and pulverizing sonic experiences I’ve heard in a while.
The whole 13 tracks just ran together so smoothly that I was entranced the whole way through, nothing could break my concentration and I didn’t want to break it. It felt surreal, magical, scary and enlightening all at once.
This album made me realize just how truly special music can become when put into the right hands. As a music addict nothing pisses me off more than when a band or artist releases such mediocre music! If a band can be heard experimenting with something new and trying a different sound and it doesn’t work out then that’s fine! That’s all part of the game of music and I can respect the effort!
But when people don’t try and just are content with releasing something bland, boring and broken on purpose? That’s when it ticks me off, so listening to this album restores my faith in bands who actually care!
It’s pretty obvious what my stance is on this album, I love it. I don’t do ratings but if I did this would be a 9.5/10 a near perfect Black/Prog/Thrash album. It’s majestic and brutal all in the same sentence and the conceptual elements are amazing as well! Nothing about this album is ordinary and between you guys and me.
Let’s do our best to help this album go viral! I’ll be sharing it and anyone who reads this if you could share it and encourage the people you’re sharing it with to share it then we can all support each other more efficiently! Excellent album guys, great work! –Corban Skipwith

Tristan "Trichu" Kłycho: Vocals, rhythm guitar
Maciej Małek: Lead guitar
Daniel "Dante" Gosk: Bass
Mateusz "Buczyfer" Buczek: Drums

Track list:
1. Narodziny Zła
2. Terapia Kanibala
3. Pokuta
4. Efekt Leatherface'a
5. Koszmarna Kołysanka
6. Pech
7. Niebo Nad Moim Piekłem
8. Ciemna Strona
9. Zgubny Uśmiech
10. Toksyczna Symbioza
11. Stan Wiecznego Snu
12. Grunt Przyszłości
13. Pod Każdą Maską Kryje Się Idea


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