Friday, September 24, 2021

Poem: "- Lesser Of Two Evils -" by Daniel Ryan

- Lesser Of Two Evils -
by Daniel Ryan

The Mind
Plays Cruel Tricks
On Me
Everyday Disconnected
Isolated Feelings
Deathness Facing
Self Awareness
My Mind
Has Made
Its Mind

Lesser Of
Two Evils
Closer In Days
Deadly Sin
Lesser Of
Two Evils
Age of Venomous

The Mind Plays
Cruel Tricks
On Us
Take The Risk
Be Washed Away
The Relentless
The Endless
Seas of Ideas

Lesser Of
Two Evils
Giving Answers
My Questions
Lesser Of
Two Evils
Let Us
Wash Away

Event Horizon
Timeless Space
Endless Eons
Empty Space

Lesser Of
Two Evils
Becoming Mans
Self Awareness

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