Saturday, March 26, 2022

EP Review: Matt Springfield "Poplife!" (AKA Music) by Corban Skipwith

Artist: Matt Springfield
Country: France
Genre: New wave, pop punk, synth
Format: Digital
Label: AKA Music
Release date: 2021
Words can’t describe how good it is to have something different arrive on my doorstep so to speak! I feel most times I review so many of the sounds and sub genres! (Not that I don’t love these sounds) but to have the occasional curveball land on my lap makes me such a happy guy and today I can tell you this record is one of the most unique and groovy I’ve heard all year (even though It came out last year).
So this EP comes with five tracks
-Poplife! (Radio Edit)
-Things I’ve Said (Jelle Haasnoot Mix)
-The End Of Life
As the EP’s name may suggest this is best described as a ‘Pop Punk’ record with a hint of ‘Synth Pop’ flowing through it and honestly it sounds brilliant! Sometimes the best albums are the ones that execute the ‘Quality over Quantity’ method and this EP is the shining example of that.
The entire listening experience for me was so fun it just made want to dance around and get active! very few records I’ve listened to (for review purposes) have made me feel this energetic and lively, Matt took the best elements of Punk, Pop and Synth and created a five track paradise where anyone no matter how you feel or what you’re going through in life can play this record and just vibe to your hearts content.
Personally this reminded me of ‘Green Day’ if they became more Pop influenced, the singing style and the instrumentation just reminds me of their later era which I mean isn’t a knock on either Matt or ‘Green Day’, just an observation on what I believe the sound came from in my personal biased.
Every song on here is great, every song has a groovy, irresistible beat, the vocals are infectious and easy to sing along to and the track lengths are the perfect size to not be too long to the point where it becomes ‘stale’ or ‘over staying it’s welcome’. It’s absolutely perfect in structure, production and groove.
Overall, I haven’t had this much in years! It’s the perfect example of what can happen if you want to have fun and just groove! I can definitely see myself replaying this over and over again. Please go check this out when you can because you won’t regret it. Corban Skipwith

Track list:
1. Poplife! (Radio Edit)
2. Things I’ve Said (Jelle Haasnoot Mix)
3. Haunted
4. The End Of Life
5. Poplife

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