Monday, March 14, 2022

Full Length Review: Tattva "Naraka" (Geistraum Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Tattva
Country: France
Genre: Blackened death metal
Full Length: Naraka
Format: Digital, protape, CD
Label: Geistraum Records (USA)
Release date: February 7, 2022
This is the second full length project by the one man band all way from the south of France and bringing with him eight new tracks to not only appeal to the metal masses but to also close off a trilogy? If I’m understanding that context correctly.
Anyway, this is a very interesting record. At first I thought this would just be your standard ‘Black Metal’ experience but I was gladly mistaken because this features so many interesting turns and stops, styles and aesthetics that just bring a subgenre like this to life in more ways than one.
First of all, I have to give something to those vocals because man oh man are they equal parts impressing and terrifying. I haven’t heard ‘Black Metal’ vocals like these before, they are just so rough around the edges, haunting and twisted. It sounds like I’m listening to a recently possessed corpse come back to life via the devil himself and start formulating sounds that resemble as close to the heart of Lucifer as possible.
The production provides a lot of interesting things itself, to me it sounded like a combination of
-Dark Ambient
-Tribal music
-Grindcore (in some of the more extreme parts)
Very unique combination of sounds yet they work home the less, not only that but each element brought in understands its role within the record and knows how to run independently which is nice and refreshing to hear because too often a sample or sound or inspiration will come to a song or album but because it’s so overwhelmed by too many other styles overlapping it, it will get lost in the chaos and you wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate whatever it was the artist/band was trying to accomplish.
But on this album, there’s nothing to worry about. Each sound can work on its own and you can pin point where each thing fits and is placed, very great editing and production work by the man.
Overall, as I mentioned already this was a very creative and interesting take on the subgenre, it’s not only brutal as hell but conceptual, thoughtful and entertaining! Go give it a try and tell me what you think! Corban Skipwith

J.: Vocals, all instruments

Track list:
1. Anima Oppressi (vinyl exclusive)
2. Hell's Path / Naraka
3. Judgement / Manu Shya
4. And...Death... / Jati
5. The Wheel Of Life / Karma
6. Liberated / Prani
7. Ethered / Peta Yoni
8. Expiate / Nama Rupa


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