Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Article: "Being a man in a woman's world" by Tane Sahjaza

Being a man in a woman's world
Article by Tane Sahjaza

So, you're a man and stronger than women right? Wrong.
What is strength? Is it found in how much you can bench press? Maybe in how many push-ups, pull ups, or sit ups you can do? Perhaps it means not crying or not letting people get close to your emotional being? It’s none of those things.
Here's where I've found that true strength lies. Opening up to allow others to see the real you. We all have feelings, acknowledge them. Show them, share them, because we are strongest when we are venerable. Sounds crazy I know, but it's true. So...Be honest. We hurt when we are deceived so don't deceive others lest you hurt them! Yes the truth may be painful but folks will understand your honesty better than if, no, when they find that you've lied to them.
Be nice or be quiet. Simply hold your tongue. We need not argue our case JUST to be noticed by peers. Silence within shows as peaceful confidence without.
Everyone should realize that balancing our virtual lives here, and our physical lives in the flesh, is key to our emotional well-being.
Give of yourselves what you can, both on the web and in the walking. Be forthright in both aspects of life~folks will understand! And if they don’t remember we are only in control of ourselves. When we come across those who just don't get it, and we all will, let them go, in peace, and without fanfare.
Our earth is referred to as "Mother". She is the giver of life~Goddess~to be worshipped and respected for She feeds us, we are of Her, and will return to her buxom when we leave these physical vessels. She. Her. Mother. Goddess.
Men, show me your strength by holding Mother Sister Daughter in the highest esteem! Respect everyone and respect will be yours in return. Anger her and you are on your own, on the outside looking in.... Love without condition and you will be loved in return.
Much more can be said so my hope is to continue this talk of Respect, Honesty, and Love.
Where do YOU stand?
~Tane Sahjaza

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