Tuesday, August 2, 2022

"Rage of Wrath" by Erik Leviathan

Rage of Wrath
Erik Leviathan

Behold the hope of man is in vain
Cast abroad The Rage of Wrath look upon all that are proud and take them low
Tear down the wicked in their palace and bind them from their lust
Empty shells left rotting in their dust
Parasites Gorge themselves upon an altar of sin

Purge your hunger staying hungry fill your mouth like whores feel your souls with emptiness your toxic waste gives birth to our world's bitter taste.
Humanity's existence exuberates your toxic waste a septic disease Vermin plug in filth and infection silently attacking with he's an intricately disguise sustenance of time depleting life.
They rip themselves apart to seek counsel in the Stars yet the universe rejects their Council for in death there is no Remembrance in the grave let all my enemies find their slumber

Music created by Panos Karayannis
band: Misanthropik Torment
Lyrics and vocals: Erick Leviathan Scarlet
Artwork Design: Erick Leviathan Scarlet
Computer Graphic Design: Claudiu Ciorbaru

Blindly following the masses will render you to being a mindless drone, leaving you with mindless hate. Mindless hate, breeds meaningless violence. Think for yourself, if you must hate, hate for your reasons, not someone else's

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