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Article: "Day of the Vampires" by Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza

The DOV is August 13 every year the Day of Vampires
The day our community comes together to give the gift of life and donates blood the lifesaving supply is always in great need this is our time to give back in gratitude thanks for a beautiful blessed life and give blood.

Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza - A Message to Everyone
Day of the Vampires - August 13, 2010

Give back the gift of life, save a life today. Give in the name of my cousin Steven, my family and friends unite and come together. Here is his story; my cousin needed a liver and kidney transplant, and the donor came just in time, he was in surgery and received the gift of life, then there was an infection, so a second surgery, more blood was used to keep him alive because people had given blood he lived through that surgery, now another surgery is to be done as they sewed the incision too tightly and he has a hernia in an area close to his lungs and heart pushing on him.
My cousin was the Captain of a SWAT team in California all his life he gave to his community to keep people safe, he was saved because when he needed it the blood was there, please give so that others will live this August 13th take your friends and arrange to donate blood in a worldwide effort to save even one life make sure the needed blood will be there when its needed. Join in this worldwide effort started in Sao Paula Brazil this is the annual campaign day called Day of the Vampires to give one and all and if you would give back for my cousin Steven who is alive and doing well so that everyone’s cousin will have a chance if they need blood, my family thanks you, my dayside and nightside family thanks you, give this year and next year to, join in for a nice supper or another event after, turkey builds the blood back the most fast followed by chicken, a good meal after and you will have your blood back. So do be generous and give one and all. Make sure that your papers are right and your family knows that if something was to happen to you that you would be an organ donor and make sure that you carry the card to save a life. Giving blood the rest of the year when you can and will help save lives let’s get together this day and make sure that the cups overflow at the blood banks with the gift of life that flows in each of us.

My blessings to you and yours,
Goddess Rosemary
Matriarca Fundadora da House Sahjaza e Artista Multimídia

It's 20th year anniversary of the Vampire Day Campaign! It will be Campaign 21!
Filmmaker, actress and writer Liz Marins (daughter of Joe Coffin), creator and interpreter of the character "Liz Vamp" Liz Marins Liz Vamp created the Campaign on August 13, 2002

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