Tuesday, August 2, 2022

"I am" by Jeremy Void

I am
Jeremy Void

I am a demon
by lust & desire
the thrill of fixations
the kill
the shrilling sensations
of tempting
and all of its fledglings
I am the real deal
a cursed
& disturbing
I’ve kept locked up
inside my mad-
ness like fragile
tremors seizing through
my core
my trilling bones
wrapping their slimy
around the ether
and holding it
so tight
it might explode
I am a goblin
a tautological disease
a shooting tingle
ripping up the space/
time contagium
I loosed my soul
upon the radical rat race
dissolved my refined
continuum like
a diluted system
of lust
& desire
thrusting its wanton
outward into
the nothingness
I succumb to
when I’m feeling bored
& numb
I am a dalek
haunted by temptation
and my own
shadow of a past

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