Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Demo Review: Bogside Sniper Squadron "Demo 2023" (Headsplit Records) by Devin J. Meaney

Band: Bogside Sniper Squadron
Country: USA
Genre: Black, death metal
Demo: Demo 2023
Format: Cassette, CD, digital
Release date: May 19, 2023
During my usual musical escapades I happened to come upon “Bogside Sniper Squadron”! They released the demo I found in 2023 and it is simply titled “Demo 2023”. It boasts itself as being a fusion of death metal and black metal and was uploaded and released by Headsplit Records!
First off I need to say the sound is exceedingly “old-school”. It sounds like something that came fresh out of the 80’s or very early 90’s! The guitar tone is very treble (which is common with a lot of black metal). The vocals are tight and on point and the drums are a frenzied mix of forward driving and blasting. I will also add that some of the lead guitar work is exceptional!
Featuring 4 tracks in just under 15 minutes this is a quicker one—but it is long enough to get a full on earful of what is offered by the band. By that I mean that even though it is not lengthy it is just long enough to feel like it is a substantial release!
The cover art is exceedingly simple and “basic”…but honestly I dig it! It gives off an extreme D.I.Y. vibe and that is something that I consider to be a good thing most times. Not overproduced yet not under-done either!
To finish off I will just say that although I have heard of Headsplit Records I don’t know much about them. But if Headsplit is spewing out stuff like this I can make a stab that they probably have a lot of good stuff to offer! So dig in deep and hit up YouTube (or Bandcamp) and give these guys a spin! Or if you want to be a genuine G head on over to Headsplit and order yourself a copy! -Devin J. Meaney

Track list:
1. Ash Rains At Warrenpoint
2. Corporal Executions
3. M82
4. March Of The Undefeated Army

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