Thursday, September 7, 2023

Full Length Review: Dimentianon "Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth" (Symbol of Domination Productions) by Michèle Malavasi

Band: Dimentianon
Location: Commack, New York
Country: USA
Genre: Black/death/doom metal
Format: Digital, CD
Label: Symbol of Domination Productions (Moldova), Paragon Records (USA), Pest Records (Rou)
Release date: April 14, 2023
The first track made me think about Silent Hill and its snow of death, and while listening to the fourth track I thought it sounds like old Burzum and Vader (Reborn In Chaos album). The whole masterpiece drown your mind into the darkness of winter, it's like the Four Seasons in one album. It sounds like doom at some moments and a bit of Dark Sanctuary for the symphonic parts. Some sounds make me think about battlefields and long swords be hit by hammer heads. If you have a great courage then listen to the whole album and let the music guide your steps to the path of warrior’s depths!! Hell yeah!! \m/ -Michèle Malavasi

Track list:
1. Inimica Malevolentia
2. Turn To Ash
3. Kneel Before Me
4. Come To Me In The Darkness
5. Placere Silere
6. Solitude In Whispers
7. The Determining Line
8. Our Dark History
9. To Be Dead Is Fatal
10. Black Angel   

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