Sunday, September 10, 2023

Demo Review: Slant "Demo 2023" (Independent) by Devin J. Meaney

Band: Slant
Location: Seoul
Country: South Korea
Genre: Gore grind
Demo: Demo 2023
Format: Digital
Label: Independent
Release date: August 26, 2023
Wanting to be productive with my music writing output I decided to hit up YouTube to see what I could find. I wasn’t feeling like goregrind or grindcore or death metal or anything like that so I typed “punk demo 2023” into the search bar just to see what popped up. I listened to a handful of bands that were “just ok” but after a bit I came across “Demo 2023” by Slant!
Featuring 3 short tracks this little blast of punk rock makes for a great listen to get your motor running early in the morning. The demo is less than 6 minutes long so this is not an extensive listen—but if you listen to it two or three times in a row it is just enough to get the blood flowing before some cornflakes and your morning coffee!
From reading the YouTube bio I noticed that these guys are from Seoul, South Korea! I don’t know much (literally nothing) about the South Korean punk scene—but I do know one thing. If you can find bands like this I’d for sure be interested in checking out more stuff from this area!
Once again—this is a short one. But short demos are great for when you’re not feeling like something full length. So give this a listen…what could it hurt? -Devin J. Meaney

Track list:
1. Criminal
2. Dejected
3. Stranger

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