Thursday, September 14, 2023

Poem: "Lesbians Just Don't Like Me" by Judge Santiago Burdon

Lesbians Just Don't Like Me
Judge Santiago Burdon

I can't figure it out
I'm telling the truth
Lesbians just don't like me
I don't know why
Someone said I just have that look
Whatever the hell that means
Could it be the moustache
Don't think I have bad breath
I'm sure it's not body odor
Maybe they've mistaken me
For some other guy
It hurts my feelings
I'd like to know why
When I offer a smile or a brief hello
They stare with disgusted expressions
Some stick out their tongue
Others give me the finger
I don't understand their unfriendly intentions
I've asked what it is about me
Causing such unkindness and hate
They yell leave us alone dumbass breeder
Get the fuck away
Some lesbians beat me up once
When I was shit faced drunk
I think it was in Madison Wisconsin
I don't have a clue why I was jumped
They broke my nose and gave me a black eye
One kept trying to kick me in the balls
Another pulled down her pants
and pissed on me
While I was passed out on the floor.
I've never criticized their lifestyle
I don't care who anyone fucks
everyone should have the same opportunity
To choose who to date or love
It's a question that will never be answered
I guess it will always be a mystery
I'll go to my grave without knowing
Why lesbians just don't like me.

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