Friday, September 29, 2023

Full Length Review: Sworn "A Journey Told Through Fire" (Independent) by Devin J. Meaney

Band: Sworn
Location: Bergen
Country: Norway
Genre: Melodic black metal
Format: CD, digital
Label: Independent
Release date: June 21, 2023
Strangely enough when listening to gore/noise I was linked to a Norwegian melodic black metal band! The band in question is called “Sworn” and the release I was linked to is called “A Journey Told Through Fire”! I do love me some good gore/noise but it’s not a stretch to say that this is something that is “a bit more”. The production is excellent and the musicianship is absolutely through the roof—reminding me of the newer releases by Stormkeep, Lamp of Murmurr and Vallendusk!
The guitar work is as tight as a pin and the same can be said for the drums. The vocals are your standard black metal rasp—but they are entirely on point and are recorded with a sincere sense of professionalism. The melodic aspect is a real win and the word “powerful” is one that comes to mind! I can say without doubt that a lot of time and effort went into the production of this album and I’d honestly love to hear more! I will for sure be checking into if this band has released anything in the past. They are new to me—but for all I know they could be widely known with an expansive discography!
This CD and digital album is available at the band’s Bandcamp page. You can also check them out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, The Metal Archives and Sworn’s personal webpage! Featuring seven tracks in just under 50 minutes this one is an absolutely stellar masterpiece. Visions of quests and journeying run through your mind while listening and the sounds held within inspire genuine catharsis. Without further word vomit I will just state that this is a release worthy of attention—and anyone into the melodic blackened sound should give it a listen or three! -Devin J. Meaney

Max Wilson: Vocals
Christoffer Kjørsvik: Guitars
Gøran Hope: Guitar, bass
Tom Ian Klungland: Drums

Track list:
1. A Godless Domain
2. Grand Eclipse
3. Calamity Sea
4. The Forsaken
5. Visions of Fire
6. Monumental
7. A Journey told through Fire

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