Thursday, September 14, 2023

Poem: "Calling Forth" by Sky Claudette Soto

Calling Forth
Sky Claudette Soto

In an elven forest, fae folk, live and dance in the quietness of their motherland, sweet and stout with each mellow step they take as their laughter echoes betwixt Japanese maple 🍁, enchanting the forest, and calling forth nymphs hidden betwixt ghost blue maple trees.... the calling forth of many God’s. Polytheism in nature the calling forth of many deities... a most tangible and delightful view... dark in light they dance... as rosen skies emerge.
Sacred spirits, and ancient ones are seen and heard. as I ascend above the earth. Above the skies...
Bestowing the grandest of blessings...healing my soul as I ascend....

First American Publishing rights only, Copyright and written by Sky Claudette Soto-July 2023

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