Thursday, May 21, 2015

CD review: MOLOCH Verwustung by Dave Wolff

Human To Dust
Ukranian black metal at its rawest, coldest and most misanthropic; take heed and beware the coming of night. Moloch is a one-man project birthed by Sergiy Fjordsson who plays all the instruments here (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals) and is known for his involvement in Psilocybe City Life, Saturn Form Essence and Silver Sphere Moon. His track record speaks of a musician who is experienced in his field, knows what he wants to do and is of many ideas to express. Fjordsson has done Moloch since 2004 and released an endless succession of demos, splits, compilations, box sets and full lengths. If MTV introduced you to black metal in the 2000s this might not be for you, but if you’ve been into it over the long haul and appreciate Burzum, Vlad Tepes and Fimbulwinter, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by seeking this out. Verwustung has similar cult-like themes, with no effort made to sugarcoat them. I again get that feeling I got from black metal in the 90s as if the old spirit never departed the ether; those old ghosts from the past still have much to say and who better than Fjordsson to be their spokesman? In traditional fashion the first track Todesstille sets the tone with cold, atmospheric keyboards, marking the transition from the world of light to the dark of Fjordsson’s imagination. Preparing you for the cuts to follow, this ambient track eclipses the stars, establishing visions of long forgotten crypts with tormented souls waiting to share their tales with the unwary listener. When those tales are given voice you feel inexorably drawn into this sea of crypts with a thin chance of escape, if any. The title track closing the album gives the impression that you are one of those spirits. For information about the different formats Verwustung was released in visit, -Dave Wolff