Saturday, May 2, 2015

Zine review: PARANOIZE ZINE Issue #36

The new issue of Paranoize is available in PDF format and soon to be released in print. Those of you who read Lady Kat Chaos’ review of Paranoize issues 19 and 31 to 35 will already be familiar with this New Orleans publication. This fanzine is run by Bobby Bergeron, a member of The Hanging and head DJ at Paranoize Radio (at Core Of Destruction Radio’s official site); you can read his interview elsewhere on this blog. As usual Paranoize is supportive of local underground scenes in NOLA (metal, punk, hardcore). This issue has a flier advertising a festival happening in neighboring Hammond, Louisiana (Burn The Throne IV) with Mule Skinner, Hellgoat, Ritual, Hod, Kavyk, Ominous Hymn, Suspended Obscurity, Barghest, Namada, A Hanging and others. The fest is taking place on May 15 and 16. An editorial and scene report relates information about the zine and other goings on in NOLA. New albums are announced along with some more local shows and a few record outlets. Interviews are with Gasmiasma, Classhole, Gristnam, Osacrux and Criminal Slang, plus there are CD and zine reviews at the end. The scene report mentioned above is an appropriate read to become better acquainted with the NOLA scene in general. Free or $2 postpaid you can’t go wrong with this. -Dave Wolff