Saturday, May 2, 2015

Zine review: METAL HORDE ZINE issue #14

METAL HORDE ZINE SWR Barroselas Metal Fest XVII Special Report
The editorial of Metal Horde #14 is a description the journey the editors made to interview the bands featured within. The locations mentioned include England, Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus and the U.S. where meetings happened with said bands. This issue has a real and genuine sense of the extensive planning that went into compiling it. From reading you see everyone has different tales of their respective scenes and the tone of the issue resonates of a monstrous underground road trip, for lack of a better term. The most prominent band appearing here is Napalm Death; accompanying them are Inner Blast, Denial Of God, Destroyers Of All, Enraged, Quartet Of Woah, Kaapora, Uzala, Forgotten Path Zine and Pitch Black Records. The editors’ visit to Cyprus was for a scene report as well as interviews with PBR and Arrayan Path. This issue furthermore has a new section devoted to horror movie reviews penned by Rui Marujo of Morde Essa Bolacha Zine. SWR Barroselas Metal Fest is a yearly event in Metal Horde’s home country of Portugal and I see it’s of no small notice. This fest has many well-known sponsors and the bands showcased in its seventeenth incarnation are Metal Church, Discharge, Hirax, Gorguts, Blood Red Throne, Pungent Stench, Black Witchery, Mystifier and several others. The Facebook community page for Metal Horde alerts is to a special report on this year’s eighteenth SWR fest. -Dave Wolff