Thursday, May 21, 2015

CD review: ARKHAM Raising Worms by Dave Wolff

Raising Worms
Melodic death metal from El Bolson, Rio Negro, Argentina. Arkham formed as Croaton in 2008, went on hiatus in 2010 and returned in 2012 with a new, steady lineup (Oscar Orcellet: vocals, Fabio Nahuelquir: guitar, Juan Thedy: guitar, Leonel Martinez: bass, Ariel Sanchez: drums) and their new moniker. Since reforming they recorded a demo and a debut MCD consisting of five songs. Arkham have been making a name for themselves locally opening for fellow Argentinian thrashers Serpentor, Eternal Grave, Mastifal, Lethal, Osamenta, Evisceration, Inflection, Sindrome and Induxión Mental. For a lineup that has worked together for two to three years they display solidarity and combine their influences cohesively. As I perceive it their sound often draws parallels to Swedish death metal (Amon Amarth). I also hear recurrent hints of classic metal and thrash in Perpetual Red Line, Martyr and Eternal. When fusing styles like these together as a new band just starting to record, the completed product can either be convoluted or fused together tightly. In these songs Arkham manage to link their influences in the appropriate places and channel them with controlled energy. Eternal also interjects a brief interlude of folk music in the midst of their heaviness. All this makes for a good start to their career. -Dave Wolff