Saturday, May 2, 2015

Zine review: TESTAMENT ZINE Issue #15

Issue #15 of Testament Zine (Peru) features a full color cover boasting Phlebotomized. The pages are in black and white newsprint and the material is printed in Spanish. Many bands of the extreme metal persuasion are included: Shining, Denial Of God, Forgotten Tomb, MX, Chaos Inception, Pandemonium, Alfahanne, De Silence Et D/Ombre, Nechochwen, Sacreligious Impalement, Bones, Fervent Hate and the aforementioned Phlebotomized. A thorough section of music and zine reviews comprises the last seven pages and ads are printed for Brute Producrtions, Egregor Productions, Lavadome Productions and Moribund Records. The title page has a distro list and a brief news section for CD releases and local shows. Added bonuses are a poster and a video compilation on DVD. Over thirty videos were gathered for the DVD, from the bands listed above along with Ad Patres, Agharti, Beastmilk, Diabula Rasa, Draco Hypnalis, Fortis Natura, Jess And The Ancient Ones, Night Demon, Revocation, Satariel and many others. -Dave Wolff