Saturday, May 2, 2015


This zine is from the editor and publisher of Trendcrusher zine, whom I corresponded with in the 2000s. Quite a few of you out there may well remember Trendcrusher as a publication fiercely dedicated to supporting extreme music the world over Roy Sierra defined a trendcrusher as one who ignores what is popular, and remains in touch with the spirit of the underground. That zine may no longer be in print but the song remains the same as they say. We got back into contact recently and began trading again; I interviewed him for what was planned to be the 25th printed issue of AEA. When the print zine folded the interview was among the first posted at this blog. He still supports extreme metal as actively as ever with Underworld Zine & Compilation. This is the zine’s sixth issue and hosts interviews with a good amount of bands. The editorial is at the end of the issue, shouting out to AEA, No Bullshit Zine, Unlight who designed the cover art and everyone interviewed. You can read about Toxemia, Evil Madness, Funeral Rites, Cultfinder, Istidraj, Demona, Sargatanas and more besides a few labels, production companies and radio programs. The issue includes a compilation CD featuring the bands appearing within and includes a special page dedicated to bands Roy was in contact with in the early 1990s. -Dave Wolff