Saturday, May 2, 2015

Zine review: IN DARK PURITY ZINE Issue #6

This zine is based in the Philippines where there has always been a strong underground scene. Editor and publisher Alexander Dela Cruz is one of those diehard supporters of extreme music in his home country and elsewhere. And his dedication shows in this zine. The bands he interviews are of the most extreme and cutting edge schools, and he asks them questions relevant to the present day and the changes the underground has experienced in the last decade with the advent of social media and the internet. The editorial written for the title page raises those questions so one can conclude it’s of importance to him. He goes on to explain the reasons he still prefers listening to CDs and vinyl records as opposed to listening to a band on the internet. For him holding something physical in his hands while hearing the songs completes the listening experience and allows him to see through the band’s eyes, something many feel has been at least partially lost when bands made material available for streaming on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. The net can be convenient while reviewing but I also grew up with physical albums, cassettes and CDs so I support his point completely. So the bands he interviews for this issue are Anal Fissure, Braindrained, Defeated Sanity, Disastrous, Down From The Wound, Heaving Earth, Internal Bleeding, Mass Hypnosia, Piukeilization, Pus Vomit, Revilement and Splatter Clothing. The zine comes with a mixed CD from Berdugo Records from Singapore featuring doom/sludge/stoner bands from the Philippines. -Dave Wolff