Friday, October 16, 2015

Book review: SEXUAL SUICIDE (Chrissy McManis) by Dave Wolff

Written by Chrissy McManis
Edited by Chrissy McManis and Chris Chaos
PO Box 551, Gloucester City, NJ 08030

An adult horror tale published independently and backed by Axis Video, Sexual Suicide takes the classic literary conflict between good and evil into new directions born of the imagination of author Chrissy McManis. To provide some background information, McManis began writing at a young age (her early teens), progressing from poetry to short stories to full length novels. She grew up with a love of horror independent authors and their readers can relate to. Every author and poet I interviewed has showcased their own background in our discussions, which ultimately shows in their work. What I have discovered about their completed projects is that they are worlds apart from one another and contributes much needed diversity to horror fiction. Only in the independent industry will you find this. From the title of McManis’ novel (published last March), you know you’re in for something as unique as the rest. What begins as an auto accident for three young women becomes a slow descent into nightmare as they experience visions from beyond that infiltrates into their waking lives, and they find themselves in conflict with each other and the invisible, otherworldly something seeking to overcome their very souls. The tale wastes no time getting underway when you open this book, and you follow the lead characters into a world of insanity not quite like others you have previously read. McManis and Chaos have just released a collection of horror shorts entitled La Morte Piu Bella which can be ordered online at -Dave Wolff

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