Sunday, October 25, 2015

CD Review: WACO JESUS Mayhem Doctrine by Dave Wolff

Mayhem Doctrine
Sevared Records
I had heard of this band on occasion, but I first actually heard them checking out a live clip by Frank Garcia at the Full Terror Assault festival in Illinois last May. My first impressions when I started on this recording was that I was utterly floored by the professionalism I experienced. The musicianship and production are near perfection, the songwriting spot on and the lyrics more than appropriate for the heaviness and brutality delivered. Again, listening gave me impressions of checking out new bands from 1993 to ’99 when death metal, grindcore and goregrind was still forging its own future. It was still an exciting time, put together with the fact that underground publications cared about the music and there was not the gossip and spin that certain sites proselytize today. Incidentally their debut full length The Destruction Of Commercial Scum was released in 1999, and the band’s lyrical position as suggested by that title has not changed through their next four full lengths (Filth, Receptive When Beaten, Sex, Drugs And Deathmetal and this one released in 2013). The tunes here are making me want to hear their past releases as it’s far preferable to media spin. The lyrics of the first song Mayhem Doctrine, partly centering on media and government manipulation, are written in a style similar to Napalm Death. The chorus Neatly packaged methods of coercion/With sing a long songs of perversion/Examples of ignorance a no guilt militia/Weak minded followers with fucking amnesia” is one verse that resonated with me. Going Viral protests the misuse of the internet to create controversy from one’s personal life and how this affects media spin. Public Animal #1 is clearly a reference to the life and career of GG Allin, the “undisputed king of sleaze” who is still celebrated today as a unique personality in punk who can never be imitated. Genital Grinder (which I at first thought was a Carcass cover) has lyrics that hearken to Sodom’s Volcanic Slut and Bathory’s Bestial Lust; see why for yourself. The Destruction Of Commercial Scum is about the band staying in touch with the old school method of getting their name around in the age of mp3s and internet streaming. This band is keeping their integrity and remembering where they came from, and their sincerity is difficult to deny. -Dave Wolff

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