Tuesday, October 27, 2015

CD Review: OWL Aeon Cult by Abyss Forgottentomb

Aeon Cult
Zeitgeister Music
Amazing that this band reminds me of Cathedral (another favorite). It sounds disturbing; great doom metal band with great vocals; a musical jewel. I'm not disappointed at all. The lyrics are like poems. At some moments the clear vocals reminded me of Ozzy Ozbourne at his beginning. That would be crazy to hear him in that band for real. Too bad this is too short: three tracks ending too like death coming too fast (if I may say). I'm dying cos it's already over. I love those tracks and I would like to hear more. That's another band offering more than I thought but so short. I'm still starving. Fortunately they have a Facebook page where I can see more about them. I read that they’re a death metal band but it sounds really like doom, and I love doom metal. I'm sure you will adore it if you take courage early in the morning. Put it in your ears and let the owl invade your space in darkness. -Abyss Forgottentomb

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