Sunday, December 6, 2015

CD Review: BLOODLASH Rain (Inverse Records) by Abyss Forgottentomb

Inverse Records
Very professional, great powerful vocals, a single entity, it's what Bloodlash has to offer to our ears. The main theme is related to nature (Spring, Maëlström, Thunder) and certainly undoubtedly to something powerful and invisible which indicates the idea of danger and natural forces (Godsbreath: high and strong winds). The songs are certainly poems into songs (which is beautiful). Melodic vocals remind a little of the band Tool (if you remember them), with quite the same emotional expressiveness. I would listen to those tracks non-stop, because it's not only noise. It's a really hard work. I had to listen to the four tracks several times to let their quintessence invade my senses. There's a lot to say about this work. It's a sort of journey from the inside to the subconscious, it's really philosophical from my view. Tool has the same talent: making you travel in your imagination to make your spirit reach something higher spiritually. The song entitled "Maëlström" starts slowly, reminding the calm water, but then it's becoming stronger: it's a sort of whirling torrent you can't control, taking everything approaching it, passing by it, devastating boats and other elements (even alive). This happens suddenly, it's when the two different temperatures meet, one cold and one warm, and it’s a sort of duality. In metal, you don't need to talk about people if you don't want to: you can use symbolism. A maelstrom could describe someone inside oneself, a complex duality, it can describe life simply because there's always good and bad which may happen. Both could be about something destroyed suddenly, without letting you know, so you can't be prepared to protect yourself before its too late. This is how I have learnt to love music, with my imagination, senses, sensitiveness and so, and also because my previous music courses has opened up a door in my mind. This is how I am able to appreciate some music. Another example with "Godsbreath”, it sounds like about the strong winds, if this god is a giant, then his breath can blow out everything: you, trees, ships. Let the imagination talk instead superficial words, it's like poetry. There are always messages in music, codes, and colors. True music is always made by sensitive artists. Well, I think I should paint better this way if I listened to music like I do during reviews. If I had to say something to the band, well, thanks so much for making my spirit fly where I have never been, and go ahead cos that's the way. -Abyss Forgottentomb

Track list:
1. Godsbreath
2. Spring, Devoured
3. Thunderborn
4. Maelstrom

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