Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Zine Review: HEADBANGER #12

This is the second issue I received while zine trading with editor Rafael Iturrino Ubidia. The other was issue #11 which is reviewed earlier in this blog with background information on the zine. These issues were released a year apart (the release date for #12 was February of 2014) and the front cover establishes Headbanger as having been active for 27 years. The editorial of this issue states Rafael had loads of interview and review material to publish but his computer was infected with a virus and he lost almost everything he had saved to file. The editorial also mentions a run-in of sorts he had with a known ripoff from his home country of Peru. Christian Felipe Paucar Toledo has screwed over a lot of people from what I’ve read on social media (ask Tchort of The Legion Of Tchort zine for example). I thought the layout of the previous issue was a little better, but the cult attitude and spirit hasn’t been diminished by any of the obstacles he has faced gathering enough reading material to release a new edition. Again you’ll receive insight not only about the bands but the scenes in their respective countries. The bands Rafael managed to feature this time are Abrahel, Baphomet Throne Hells, Black Vul Destruction, Beelzebuth, Empty Of Darkness, Infernal Pussy, Lucifier, Matteus, Master Of Cruelty, Masturbator, To Arkham and Vlad. Following these articles are five pages of reviews and a two page section featuring band bios. -Dave Wolff

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