Thursday, December 3, 2015

CD Review: THIERRY CRUSEM Les Couloirs de l'Amer Etonnant

Les Couloirs de l'Amer Etonnant ("The Halls of the Astonishing Bitterness")
If some of you know Pink Floyd, especially Jacques Higelin (France) and King Crimson, then you know what I am talking about. This album is very philosophical and poetic, with a sensual vocal spirit, making your heart traveling into the unexplored hidden worlds. It's generally about the society and its issues, with true emotions. Musically and technically there's nothing wrong to say, since Thierry and his musicians have been working hard for years. The difficulties for independent bands is not a myth, they are the voice of you and me, of those who can't shout, but also those who believe in something or someone to make a change in a good way.
Most of the lyrics are all related to you and me , like the song " La sourde oreille" which is about being never heard, you want your emotions and wishes to be heard and understood but finally none is listening to you , so if none is listening to you then things won't be the same anymore.
It's very deep and subtle. The whole album is more than "music”, the tracks are just like different canvases, paintings, between symbolism/abstact and romanticism (for making you think about yourself alone before the world/universe).
Thierry played in a band before this one named Mamie Tonk in 1990 (6 tracks in French, available on Amazon and Price Minister) and the cover artwork represents quite like different universes with people around each planets, with whirls here and there, the name of the album is "Tout Recommence ..." which means "Everything is starting again”, like everything dies and lives again, it's very philosophical as well. It's all about life. I remember I have learnt a lot when he was my singing teacher (in was during the time the album "Les Couloirs de l'Amer Etonnant" was released) in Faulquemont (in my native Mosel, France).
I learnt that music is not only taking a guitar, it's all about listening and feeling things with your hidden senses especially with your ear and your guts . I also understood from his album things I did not understand earlier: you can have chains and be muzzled, but writing and singing is something you can't stop. I was too shy to express all my feelings in songs, I remember I was too shy to sing my own texts , once I shew him some of my texts , and I got so uncomfortable that I became like a fox hiding from him but there was no need to be so timid . I learnt to listen, to have my ears always ready, and I learnt to accept my sensitivity from him: it was very difficult. 
As I already mentioned in my second interview, Thierry Crusem is also a very talented painter: I have never seen him during exhibitions but I'm following him everywhere on the web. His artworks are as abstract, mysterious and poetic as his songs.
Of course he's got many prices for his talent, but the things you must keep in mind is that there's a conductive thread between painting and music (you would understand more by yourself if you visit his site).
Music and painting are all about perception and senses. Tons/colors, everything vibrates.
Thanks to Thierry, music and art can't be separated, it's like a single piece, like the yin and the yang elements.
If you listen to the whole tracks, you would say it's a little jazzy as well, rock/punk sometimes.
Just in case you missed it, Thierry is also a great fan of King Crimson.
The song "Exiles" when it's sung by Thierry sounds much powerful and deep compared to the original by King Crimson, I love both but I fav his way of singing because of the true feelings .
The difference between independent artists and the musical industry is that independent artists can't ever lie, they have balls and a real talent and enjoy what they do for real.
I wish to thank the whole band , special thanks to Thierry for having made me understand more than I thought , a special thanks to Dominique Briglio (guitarist in the band) for having listened to what I had to tell earlier and also for the guitar courses ( I promise I will continue to play music). And also to the bassist (oh damn I forgot your name but I just remember you were the most crazy person ever), miss you all, guys!!
One last thing said by the band: “Good Vibes and Banzai" -Abyss Forgottentomb

Track list:
1. Constellation Monoceros
2. Le Tout de Rien
3. La Sourde Creille
4. Les Couloirs de l'Amer Etonnant
5. Abstrait d'Union
6. Les Graines de Milet
7. Que Restera-T-Il?
8. Candide
9. La Pomme
10. L' Ethernudite
11. Nouveau Ne
12. Vois, Comme il Est Haut
13. Thierry Crusem
14. Poisson de Mars
15. Bonsoir Lily

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