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Interview with author M TERESA CLAYTON (second interview) by Dave Wolff

Interview with author M TERESA CLAYTON

This is the second interview we are doing for AEA. What new projects have you been involved in of late?
I finished the second edition of Mystic Verses. This version is 100% the inspired verses taken from direct contact and conversation with intra-dimensional beings that have been with me since childhood. I felt the first edition was a mix. Perhaps the admission of just how involved the Otheres are in my life made me nervous (The Otheres - with that spelling - is what they call themselves. There are so many that there would be no way to have a name for each entity).
The book is credited to them and dedicated to them without reservation. I am celebrating a 60th birthday soon and it's about time to come out from behind the fear of judgment or misinterpretation and celebrate the gifts given to me at birth as well as those who speak through me. I have always been their voice in this realm. The book needs to give a true face to the source.

How many examples of Mysticism have existed through history? How must mystic communication be implemented?
To answer the unasked question here: Mysticism or Mystic Writing comes in many forms - the New Testament is a perfect example of Mystic Messages - Jesus did not speak directly, he spoke in riddles. Those who could hear would understand. Mystic communication is complex and sometimes dangerous in the wrong hands. The message is for those who take the time to comprehend it on the level it is given. I've always said it like this: You do not hand the keys to the nuclear bomb to a seventeen year old boy whose girlfriend just broke up with him for his best friend... the consequences of a moment of despair could be devastating.

How many well-known writers have exhibited mystic qualities in their work?
Mystics are everywhere - some know who they are and refuse their gift, some accept the gift without ever taking time to fully understand what it is they are being asked to do with the information shared, and some totally ignore it altogether. I don't want to think of how many are in institutions for hearing voices when the voices are real and benevolent. Let's not forget some of the most famous authors that were deemed insane - Sylvia Plath, Virginia Wolf, Leo Tolstoy, Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway, Mary Shelley, Charlotte Bronte, Mary Braddon, Florence Nightingale, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Edgar Allen Poe, and my favorite Emily Dickinson, just to name a few.
Some actually did at least one stint inside of an asylum before ceasing discussion about their work and the inspirations for those works, instead, they simply wrote. This alone was such a brave thing to do, especially in the times in which they lived. Some were called insane, some depressed, while others found their way into history books as geniuses.

How would you define the term Mystic for our contemporary day and age?
The word Mystic is defined as a person who seeks, by contemplation and self-surrender, to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect. Other words you may hear in association with Mystic are Hermetics, Gnostic, Occult (hidden), cabalistic, metaphysical, visionary... In one way or another and to one degree or another, are we not all Mystic? Some of us are truth seekers and we do not adhere to the indoctrination that all children are put through by well-meaning adults; our parents, teachers, etc. We choose to seek elsewhere, where few venture to look and we search for what most could care less about. We are heretics.

What are the most prominent similarities and differences between the terms Hermetic, Gnostic, Occult, cabalistic, metaphysical and visionary?
All are truth seeking philosophies or studies. But here is a more informative definition for each: Hermeticism - of, relating to, or characteristic of occult science, especially alchemy, relating to Hermes Trismegistus or the writings ascribed to him. Gnosis - knowledge of spiritual mysteries. Occult - supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena. Cabalistic/Kabbalistic - having a secret or hidden meaning; occult. Metaphysics - the branch of philosophy that treats of first principles, includes ontology and cosmology, and is intimately connected with epistemology. Visionary - marked by vision or foresight.

When did you first notice the presence of the Otheres in your life? Do you feel you were chosen to be a voice for them?
As far back as I can remember, they have been with me. The count of how many is too many to imagine - therefore, they finally referred to themselves as THE OTHERES (insisting on the additional E). There is only one who speaks to me with a name and he is Kahlil. However, it should be known that he does not speak with or for the Otheres, to my knowledge - his purpose is much more personal and specific. He speaks for an entity that is from the Mesopotamian area thousands of years ago - BCE.
I recently had a past life regression that not only confirmed what he had already revealed and I already knew somehow, but also introduced new information. I will be going through a second regression soon. As far as being "chosen" - I feel we all have the capacity to hear the voices speaking through us but we ignore or explain them away. I happen to be prime for this because I chose to keep myself open to my friends as a child and have had an intense curiosity about them over the years.

Why did you choose the present as the time for the Otheres to be heard?
I have had the Otheres with me since childhood and have been careful about revealing their existence simply because it would have caused quite a bit of judgment I was not strong enough to handle at that time. About age 35-40, I was ready to reveal them to everyone. I did not know how to describe them - they were not really ghosts or spirits, they were something I had no word for.
Finally, the discovery of inter or intra-dimensional beings came forward as the term to describe them. They refer to themselves as the Otheres. That was not my name for them. I just referred to the voices and only to a handful of people I could trust. I did not choose the time to speak for them, be their translator or catalyst. I have always revealed everything they have shared with me. It was after the age of about 40 that I gave them credit where credit was due. I wrote the first Mystic Verses in 2009. I pulled it from publication to put out this book which is 100% their inspiration. There are many things they show me and tell me about that would shake you in your boots. I am not at liberty to reveal these revelations yet. They will instruct me on the when and the how.

Can you reveal anything about the regression you had confirming this entity communicating with you?
The past life regression was informative. However, it was not about affirmations with the Otheres. There was one small acknowledgment that they were placing two watchers who would look after me during the process and that was all that was mentioned regarding them. The reason for the regression is private for now, but I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to explore past lives.

When did you first hear about past life regression, and why did you decide to personally undertake this process?
I have always known about the process of regression through hypnosis. This type of therapy has been around for a long time and used by Psychologists and Law Enforcement and everything in between. I decided on doing this because I need to fill in areas of memory that I wasn't getting quickly enough. I had questions that needed to be answered and confirmed. None of that had anything to do with the Otheres or the book Mystic Verses directly. However, there is always the chance that what happens in the past opens doors to our "now".

How many questions have you gotten answers for since you began your regressions?
It’s more like a total comprehension of something that my mind could not compute on its own. I believe it is like being in a hotel room and when you pull back the curtains, your view is spectacular. You put on your bathing suit and snorkel and look just beneath the surface of that azure water and see magnificent things. All the while, this information is filling up the empty spaces of your mind, though the questions were not even formed. I have always known certain parts of this memory but needed to see it and be there to retrieve the rest. What a wonderful way to experience the remote past - a place once thought to be impossible to reach.

Did you research the existence of intra-dimensional beings after discovering the Otheres and mystic communication? If so, how much did you have to search for information about such beings?
I did not become a computer user until approximately 2004. It took some time to self-teach the ways of this medium. I did not research the Otheres at all and still have not. I did, however, engage a few close friends to see if the word was an anagram for something - as it was, Otheres in Greek can be rearranged to mean Heretic - and of course, I am and perhaps they are as well. The concept of Intra-dimensional beings is a new one that has been somewhat confirmed and is still being researched heavily among Quantum Physicists. There is so much more, inside and out, that we are unaware of.

What does being a Heretic mean to you? Was it a revelation to discover the Greek connection between Otheres and Heretic?
A few of my friends and I were discussing the odd nature of the spelling and their insistence on that additional E. One of my friends suggested the anagram idea and we began to rearrange the letters and google words we thought might exist. One of the gals went to translation and tried Heretos: *her·e·tic ˈherəˌtik/noun: heretic; plural noun: heretics - a person believing in or practicing religious heresy. Synonyms: dissenter, nonconformist, apostate, freethinker, iconoclast; agnostic, atheist, nonbeliever, unbeliever, idolater, idolatress, pagan, heathen; archaicpaynim. "Heretics were banished or put to death." antonyms: conformist, believer - a person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted. Origin: Greek.* This definition says it all. It also gives you a definition of heretic.

It strikes me as strange that the dictionary somewhat equates “nonconformist” with “nonbeliever.” Are heretics still shown in a negative light, in your view?
The words used to define HERETIC are not necessarily related to each other. Heretics were once tortured and put to death. The Christians have been the force behind some of the most heinous acts against humanity over religion. I am a proud Heretic. I am all those words they use to define the term heretic. So mote it be. I have no fear of reprisal or of judgment. My choices are mine alone. Those who have been with me all these years are benevolent and only become agitated if I am threatened. I feel safe in their keep.

What would you say your definition of ‘heretic’ would be in this day and age?
Heretic is not a word that will have you burned at the stake any more. We are all Heretics to some degree. We, who think for ourselves and do not take things at face value, are Heretics. I'd also think that I would be the one whose questions would confound the expert.

How important do you deem it to think for oneself these days when we have so many TV channels with nothing to watch and the general public is easily influenced by popular media?
I think the days of television is struggling to stay relevant and entertaining. There is more for the adult audiences in the ways of GAME OF THRONES and that ilk. It seems that the population is once again looking for something to take them away from reality and into imaginary worlds.
The ability to make the visuals look so real with our current technology adds to that. We are now introducing headsets that one wears over the eyes and sees something that is absolutely unreal but entertains them. Perhaps we should redefine "entertainment".
Books are still important to those who love to hold the hard cover and smell the ink on the page. Stories do something that television and movies cannot do - it makes you use your imagination - you are the director and each character in the story as it is told. To read Mystic Verses you would have to see it as a puzzle that will reveal something of great value to you once you find the key.
The games our children play that are violent are becoming increasingly more boring - which is why, I believe, they are taking it to the street. They have no idea what a life is because what is on the screen of your game is not real. It is sad that we are losing our sensitivities in this way.

One example of what you mention about bored kids taking to the street is that 'knockout game" I have been hearing a lot about on the internet. If you have heard anything about it, what are your thoughts?
I believe that children today are so indoctrinated with bullshit - and they are aware, but unable to affect change - look for something to stimulate their minds and imagination. Playing the knockout game in any form is equivalent to walking a fine line of death without actually dying. But some do. And if one person dies from such an inane attempt to find something to jolt the mind is sad indeed.

Where do you see hints of Mystic Writing or Mystic Messages in the New Testament?
In the Bible, Jesus speaks in Mystic ways by using parables and asking questions that seem to have no concrete answer - "Women, why do you look for the living among the dead?" Yet, he informs his group that they may not touch him because he has not ascended to his father yet. There are also many instances of Mysticism within the Old Testament - but most often found in the books that were not allowed into the Bible itself by the Elders who decided to throw it out - such as The Book Of Enoch.

How many books in addition to the Book Of Enoch were excluded from the Old Testament? What mystic occurrences do you recall from what was included?
There are over fifty books that were excluded from the Bible. To those who would like to know more about those books I have this link:
There are more sites if you Google Lost Books Of The Bible or Excluded Books Of The Bible. As for more information regarding the Mystic Texts within the Bible:

Have you found hints of mysticism in other classic religious books besides the Judaeo-Christian Bible?
There is Mystic Writings in all religious books. There is Mysticism in all religious practices that the common man or woman are unaware of; it is never revealed to them. All of the prophets, including those of today, tell us so much - but if our minds are not prepared to listen, we will not hear it. Many do not want to look deeper. Most are content to live out their lives listening to that man behind the pulpit tell them what it means. He/She will not reveal the mysticism in the message.
It is much like swimming. The majority of people see a painting and tread the waters, hear the music but are content to listen passively, read but never let go of the rope for fear of falling. I say to you all: go under the water and discover a new world that will fascinate you beyond your wildest dreams, do not live your lives passively - own your life, claim it, live it and see what serendipitous magick awaits you there, when you read let go of the rope and discover your ability to fly with the words as your wings. O, what amazing things await those who dare to truly use their senses. If you must believe in something divine, believe in yourself.

From their published writings, do you get indications that the authors you mentioned earlier were or may have been mystics?
The authors listed as being deemed insane in their time showed signs of being Mystic in the writings themselves. However, most also suffered from some depression - as you would expect when you are different and misunderstood - or displayed an intellect for thinking ahead (What was Science Fiction years ago is now our Ordinary).
How difficult it must have been to know you are different and having no way to understand that what you are hearing or seeing or feeling, is okay - more than okay, a gift - a blessing. We now revere these writers and poets as some of the most gifted. We study their works in school. We set their words to memory and sometimes we adopt their words as our own gospels, knowing full well that they were conduits to another realm greater than ours in knowledge.
Sadly, there are people today who feel they are insane as well when they hear the voices or see something in their peripheral vision or sense their presence. Automatic writing is a nice and safe way to explain receiving the inspiration from beyond and applying it to paper in the here and now.

History has often shown that people whose ideas weren’t taken seriously when they were alive are remembered fondly today. This applies to artists and philosophers as well as authors.
It takes science a while to catch up with what a Mystic knows now. I also believe that Science Fiction writers have a rare glimpse into the future. Look at what we have in our homes now that were part of a cartoon called The Jetsons. People say they have faith. They have very little faith if any at all. The majority of human beings want proof, and a lot of it. Let me use this as an example... If a dark skinned man who looks every bit like the people of the Mid-East were to knock on your door and say he is the Christ who has come to invite you to join him and many others in heaven to avoid the pain and sorrow of the final judgment... would you go with him?
Our minds have a vision of Jesus as looking like us, including those intense blue eyes. And, even if this were the man who knocked upon your door - would you go with him? Why would these same people have faith in what a Mystic has to say or who inspired those words? Nostradamus and Casey are still in question. It is not my responsibility to convince anyone to believe in anything I write or its source. I am just a catalyst and the information is out there for those who want to study and find the meaning. I am not the only one who writes mystic. There are musicians, artists, and other writers who are also Mystics. We are all visionaries. You cannot bring the message to anyone who is not prepared to receive.

Would you personally say Nostradamus and Casey were mystics in their time, or would you need more to go on?
If you are referring to Nostradamus and Casey - I would recommend them. There are many others who are mystics and are not as well known. You can google the "names of mystics throughout history" and find many of them.

Are there any modern authors or poets you would consider to be Mystics? What about their work makes you believe so?
I do not know of any like myself - writers/poets - but I am very familiar with artists and musicians who are Mystics. I joined them in the Dreams and Divinities show in San Cristobal, Mexico. I was invited as the only non-visual artist to participate and give a talk on mysticism. I am so proud of that event and meeting and forming bonds with such amazing artists. Google Dreams and Divinities in San Cristobal, Mexico for the itinerary.

Who were the musicians and artists appearing at the Dreams and Divinities show? Is Dreams and Divinities a yearly event? Would you attend another of those shows if you were invited again?
Those who appeared there were Adam Scott Miller, Aloria Weaver, Amanda Sage, Andrew Gonzalez, Autumn Skye, Brigid Marlin, Bruce Rimell, Carrie Ann Baade, Chris Dyer, Cody Seekins, Craig LaRotonda, Danielle Ovtcharov, Daniel Mirante, David Heskin, De Es, Dominique Desorges, Elisa Keir, Elisabeth Slettnes, Emma Watkinson, Eric Nez, Gabriela Garza Padilla, Gromyko Semper, Heidi Tailleferr, Helena Nelson Reed, Hugues Gillet, Iain Whittaker, Irina S. Zaytceva, Ka Kathryn June Amorastreya, Kuba Ambrose, Laurence Caruana, Leo Plaw, Liba W Stambollion, Liam Barr, Lukas Kandl, Madeline Von Foerster, Mark Henson, Mark Lee. Martina Hoffmann, Maura Holden, McAllister Marcus, Michael Divine, Michel Bassot, Miguel Tio, ONAYANTI, Otto Rapp, Raul Casillas Romo, Reinhard Schmid, Robert Venosa, Santiago Ribeiro, Sarah Zambiasi, Shoji Tanaka, Shinji Asano, Steven Kenny, Tricia Cline, Timea Tallian, Vesna Krasnec, Vladimir Ovtcharov, Wayan Sika, Wessi, Wolfgang Widmoser and Zeljko Djurovic.
I would be honored to attend other shows. However, the D&D shows are no longer traveling under that name. They are now collaborating on a book of Fernal Delights which is published and available. I highly recommend it.

Which of the guests from Dreams and Divinities are you still in contact with? Any potential collaborations you see happening?
I am still in contact with many of the artists of Dreams and Divinities. I am inspired by their works of art, but to say we collaborate would be wrong. Each of these artists are also amazing poets and authors and prefer to use their own work. They have all collaborated on the book Fernal Delights.

When you gave your presentation about mysticism at Dreams and Divinities, how many questions were you asked by the audience? Did you get to explain as much as you wanted?
The presentation of Mysticism was presented after the fact - I became extremely ill and my kidneys shut down. It took Scott and some divine intervention to get me home and into the hospital to save my life. My heart was also compromised with a lack of Potassium. The whole presentation went beautifully and there were very few questions.
You see, these artists are all mystic and visionary artists. They understand the context of my presentation first hand. You asked if I would ever return to the D&D shows - I would not return to any country south of our border. My immune system cannot fight whatever is in the water. I have not been part of a group in presenting Mysticism. I do teach Meditation and Metaphysics in my home now.

Are there events you have attended in the U.S. where you have had a chance to speak about your work?
I have been a guest of teachers who teach adult night classes to speak. I have also spoken at a few private functions and of course - my own classes. Two nights a week and classes no bigger than six at a time.

How many poems were written for Mystic Verses and how many ended up being published in it?
The book is 187 pages of verse and volume two is coming out on its heels very soon. All other poetry will be placed in other books with specific genres. Mother Of Murders (Crows) is very violent and gory. The Raven Mystress is much less shocking and is poetry inspired by fans, friends and family - actually, it speaks directly from their own personal stories. My Name Is Metaphor is a combo of both short stories and the poetry that inspired the story. And I have a book of love poems as well.

You stated in your last interview that you wanted to write a prequel for your short story Judith. Have you tried your hand?
There is no prequel to Judith at this time. I fear it would be so closely related to the story of Judith that it would just be repetitive. I have too many irons in the fire right now to go back and worry about that prequel.

Name the poems in Mystic Verses that most speak to you and explain why they were chosen for publication?
To say that any one speaks more to me than another would depend on the day. I will say that Revelation was written when I was about sixteen. I remember that night as if it happened yesterday. I woke up in the middle of the night and the first stanza was going over and over in my head. The moon was full and lit up my entire room. I picked up pen and paper and let the poem write itself. The only part of it that I could not figure out was the last line - I'm still not satisfied with it. I can recite that poem from memory.

What about the last line were you unsatisfied with? Do you get that felling often when you read over the finished product?
I wrote that a long time ago and still I do not know what the last line should be - that is the true meaning of Mystic and it is the one that has me confounded still, after four-plus decades.

What is the extent of the violence and gore that can be peruse in Mother Of Murders (Crows)?
In the coming book Mother of Murders (Crows) you will find all the dark, morbid, violent attributes of the human psyche'. Whether we think it or do it - most people have had the thought to do harm to someone who has done them wrong. The degree to which we all consider it or play it out in our minds varies. I have some writings that are mild and some that are extremely descriptive.

How many dark and morbid aspects of the violence humans are capable of shown in Mother Of Murders? Do you think your readers will be able to stomach the more descriptive writings in that book?
Morbidity and violence... I have no idea how the average person would respond to the contents of what I write in that medium. I do not write to have their approval or disapproval. My creations are just that - mine. I share it and oddly enough, those very poems (when shared) receive the most responses and the responses are lengthy and filled with a sense of connectiveness.

Can you elaborate on the sense of connectiveness in the feedback you have received for your poems?
As for the feedback on my verses, I have received nothing but positive reviews from people of stature, esteemed fellow mystics, and my long time readers. So far, it seems to induce a great deal of conversation, book clubs popping up to discuss the possible meanings and what each poem means to the reader, and finally, new readers are full of questions. I spend a great deal of my mornings with coffee and computer - answering a myriad of questions.

How long has your collection of love poems been available? In what ways does the tone differ from your usual verse?
Ah, love poems. Well, it isn't out yet. Everything I write regarding love is either from personal experience or from observing the relationships of others and allowing that to inspire me. It is a sexy book as well. One cannot have love without some sexiness to it.

How much of a balance between romanticism and sexiness will be in your collection of love poems?
An underlying sexuality must permeate, weave in and out of the wording to give the poem more than just words on paper - I want my reader to taste, smell, hear, see and touch love and that would make it very sensual. To many, sensual and sexual are the same thing. It isn't to me, but I live within my words and my "metaphors".

Name some of the poems you would describe as sensual and sexual, and quote a few lines from them?

She’s got a cold finger on a warm trigger
Sure aim looking down the barrel of the gun
Scratching the itch of a blood gorged chigger
She’s got her light-saber tase settings set on stun

And she grinds to the rhythm of the temple beat
And she’s howling at the moon like a dog in heat
She moans with the pulling of her gut asunder
And whirling in the trance she has fallen under

She’s got the guns loaded and ready to fire
Strike the primer; detonate on command
White hot poker stirs the flames of desire
She’s got the warm touch of a steady hand

And she grinds to the rhythm of the temple beat
And she’s howling at the moon like a dog in heat
She moans with the pulling of her gut asunder
And whirling in the trance she has fallen under

She’s got a cold finger on a warm trigger.

MTC (c)

"Sex satisfies the body but the hunger is never satisfied. Sensuality feeds the mind and the soul continuously, even when the object of your desire is no longer in view. All one has to do is close their eyes to experience it again and again - the mind and the spirit are forever sated in this way." - M Teresa Clayton

What short stories are you gathering for My Name Is Metaphor? What is the title of that book’s intended meaning?
My Name Is Metaphor is taken from the poem Cameo. A young man sees a woman in white with a veil over her face. She simply stands there looking at him. The room begins to fill up with other people until he begins to lose sight of her. No one else seems to notice her. She turns to go. He needs to know who she is and in his mind pleads to know her name. She turns to him, lifts the veil and says "My Name Is Metaphor". Metaphor? For what? Is it just her name or is it who she is that is actually the metaphor? The answer will come, but slowly. The gift must be unwrapped delicately and slowly - take your time and discover what metaphor means for you. This book will have short stories of various lengths and a few poems.

How did you think of the essence of mystery you wrote into My Name Is Metaphor? Which of your recent stories have similar themes?
Ah, Metaphor, she is in so many of my stories and poetry. She is neither alive nor dead, real or imagined, good or evil... she is able to manifest into many incarnations. A true follower of my writings will be able to point her out to you in every poem and every story. My readers are on their toes and love the play of words. It excites them when they figure it out. I am honored that they take such an interest in my writings. I'll give you this and nothing else: Alfred Hitchcock, Stephen King, Grant Morrison, Bret Easton Ellis, Clive Cussler, W. Somerset Maugham, Douglas Coupland, Philip Roth, and Stephanie Meyer are but a few writers who have placed themselves within their written works and cameoed in the shows or movies made from those stories. I believe that, in all art expression, a part of the creator is present.

Can you provide some examples of metaphor appearing in your poems and fiction?














MTC (c)

Would you like the idea of having your books published nationally someday? Or do you prefer staying under the radar and distributing your work through independent companies? Which would help you reach more readers?
I have several pages of information on publishing through a publishing house vs your own publisher - you could not possibly succeed and make any money with the publishing house and you lose control over your work. SELF PUBLISH! Anyone who would like a copy of this report may contact me at Facebook and I would be happy to share it.
The way I publish, my publisher makes sure that my books reach a variety of book venues, including Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. I have the same reach, if not more, than if I chose a publishing house. I am lucky enough to have several great editors that work with me and my products are selling enough to pay my bills. I want to thank you for this interview, your questions were concise and direct, it flowed with the questions and you made it extremely easy to respond honestly and openly.
Thank you again for this opportunity to allow others to see inside of my world. Books can be signed in blood if purchased through me and paid for through Paypal. I get quite a few requests for this. The price will vary depending on which type of book you choose - soft cover black and white or color, hard cover black and white or color. Contact me at Facebook to discuss the cost.

-Dave Wolff

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