Monday, February 22, 2016

Single Review: BORNBROKEN A Nation of Ignorance (Independent) by Dave Wolff

A Nation of Ignorance
A Nation Of Ignorance is a new single released by Montreal, Quebec’s Bornbroken to follow their 2014 single Watch The World Unwind and 2013 full length The Healing Powers Of Hate. This song completely shreds if you’re into blistering deathcore with raw production, rumbling bass, crunching guitars, roaring vocals and lots of agonizingly slow time changes. The conviction, intensity and controlled energy brought into this recording makes most of the deathcore and metalcore I’ve heard sound lightweight by comparison. Much of it I already considered lightweight next to the death and black metal I listen to, but I’d say Bornbroken may well elevate my appreciation for this genre by leaps and bounds. For good measure I checked out their previous single for a greater sense of where Bornbroken is heading. Watch The World Unwind metes out the promise of crushing material to come, but even so it’s not nearly as brutally heavy as A Nation Of Ignorance. This is so pounding I feel as if my torso is going to cave in any moment. The Bandcamp link to this song includes the lyrics as inflammatory as the song is relentless. The liner notes start with the quote “We must be seen, we must be heard, we must rise together with our voices as one to create change. We elect them, we can eject them!” Even before you read the lyrics you know their position on governments, religion, media and consumerism. Lyrics like “Life, liberty and justice for all/These ideals mean nothing if we don’t stand tall/The power in words is the killer of giants/Uncovering the proof from the conspiracies of silence” show the band’s belief in the power of the people is unwavering and gives the one per cent ample reason to feel threatened. Give this song a listen and see if it doesn’t convince you. By the way it was deliberately released before the upcoming election in Canada. -Dave Wolff

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