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Interview with Yngve of CHRISTFUCK by Dave Wolff

Interview with Yngve of CHRISTFUCK

Describe the origins and history of Christfuck from their 2013 formation to the present. How much have you promoted the band to date?
Christfuck were summoned on the first of April, 2013. At the time I was in the need to express some feelings that I couldn't with black or death metal bands. I was in need of something brutal, fast and straightforward. I also had some ideas in mind for a satanic thrash metal band, so the band was created. I wanted to create something that was influenced by old Sepultura, Possessed, old Sarcofago and maybe some early Kreator and Sodom vibes. I composed and recorded demos for two songs and the Rotting Christ cover. After that, Vulgate (W.E.B., 6.Aborted.6.Fetus.6) joined on guitars and Hel Pyre (AfterBlood) on bass and vocals. Vulgate composed one more song so the track list for the EP was completed. The final touch was added with the participation of Mr. Tony "The Demolition Man" Dolan on guest vocals for the Rotting Christ cover which was a promotion on its own and of course we are extremely proud to have worked with him. In addition we got some great reviews from some zines in Greece and abroad and our copies of the EP were quickly sold out.

Is the lineup of Christfuck comprised of people you knew before starting the band? How enthusiastic were they about joining a band with classic/old school influences?
Not the whole lineup. Vulgate and I have been good friends since 2000 and he is the one that introduced me to Hel Pyre. They were both happy to join this band and of course that made me happy.

Why did you choose a similar direction to Sepultura, Possessed and Sarcofago as well as Sodom and Kreator? What could to express that you wouldn’t have been able to with 90’s death and black metal?
Those bands started with a Satanic theme back in the early 80's. I wanted to express my anger towards some certain and specific things and especially towards this dogma that only caused destruction and Havok back in the ancient times and not only then. It was something personal and you will excuse me if I cannot and don't want to go further in it. Apart from this, the Satanic theme is not something that you can easily re-create if you are influenced by more recent bands. I totally respect all the black and death metal bands from the 90's and that goes without saying, but I strongly believe that the early 80's extreme metal scene was the real thing.

What did the metal underground in the 80s have that lacked in the 90s, in terms of imagery and musical themes? Name specific bands that demonstrate your point besides those you mentioned?
In the 80's, things were rawer and more primitive. It was the times after the punk movement that up to a point set the standards for the metal dress "code" and image, but on the other hand, those kids back then wanted to release their frustration, anger or however you may call it and they wanted to stand out from the masses. What was better than to pinch everyone in religion and political correctness. Possessed, Venom, Kreator, Destruction, Sepultura, Von, Sarcofago, Onslaught, Venom, Hellhammer, Bathory, Slayer... all bands have a Satanic theme and image.

Without going into the personal aspects of your input into the band, how much religious dogma do you see today? How do you believe Satanism is a religion and not a religion?
Religion is everywhere! Of course I am in some kind of religion, but everything is controlled by Christianity! The Church is trying to gain control over every aspect of people's lives. It is something that we should change soon. I in person, am not a Satanist. I don't believe it is a religion though. It is a way of life. It is believing to yourself and your own powers. It is doing things on your own, standing up and/or standing out. That's all plain and simple.

Do you believe satanic themes are still relevant in underground metal? Some would say those themes have been overdone. What is your position? How do you tell if a band is sincere when it comes to satanic themes or only doing it for the image?
The occult and/or Satanic themes will always be active, alive and kicking in the underground scene. At some point we all got fed up with it due to many wannabe "true" people and bands, but in the end they perished and got down in flames as they should. I am a supporter of the scene and I will always be and this is one of Christfuck's purposes. No one can really tell. We must wait and see their actions and deeds and in the end time will show if someone is fake or not.

How did you manage to hook up with The Demolition Man while recording your EP? Describe your experience working in the studio with him.
I was thinking of someone to have as a guest for this cover. I never thought it could have been him, but while I was thinking I saw an old Venom photo. I immediately remembered I met him in person when he was here in Greece for a gig and at times we were chatting, so I sent him a message. His answer was quick and positive. Unfortunately our cooperation was based on emails and sending tracks back and forth, but nevertheless it was an awesome experience.

Are you still involved in Mortuus Sum for whom I interviewed you last time we corresponded? What other bands are you currently involved in?
Mortuus Sum is still active and I am working on new material at the moment. I play in Dismal Chant (, which is an occult death metal band in the vein of Nile, Behemoth, Scarab and other bands of the genre.

How many songs have you completed for Mortuus Sum, and how are they an improvement from older material? Are you writing a full album or an MCD?
I have three ready and believe me, the difference will be huge in terms of more mature compositions, much improved sound and better playing of course! I am recording an EP with some old songs and after that I will release a split EP with another band with new songs. That is all I can say for now.

When did Dismal Chant begin as a band, and how much material has the band released until today?
Dismal Chant was formed in 2015. So far they have released an EP entitled "Theosophical" (the CD is available through the band's page), which contains three songs.

Name the songs appearing on Dismal Chant’s Theosophical, and indicate who in the band wrote them? How does this band differ from Christfuck musically and lyrically?
The songs appear in this order: Ethics Of Defect, Beckoning Of Woebegone, Lightless Sanctuary. All the songs were composed by Sextus and Ballar. The differences are huge as Christfuck is a thrash/black metal band. Dismal Chant is a death metal band. Lyrically, Christfuck is a pure Satanic band, while Dismal Chant is an occult band.

What song by Rotting Christ did you decide to cover for Christfuck? Was there a particular reason you chose it or was it simply a song you liked?
Rotting Christ is one of the oldest and greatest black metal bands in Greece. They are totally respected and it is the band that put Greece on the map since the "Fuck Christ tour" back then. Their first full length "Thy Mighty Contract" is by far my favorite and we covered the song "Exiled Archangels". This song is a true gem. I wanted to play it since I was a kid and yes, this song means a lot to me for many reasons.

Who were the bands appearing on the Fuck Christ tour with Rotting Christ and when did it take place? In what ways did it help to get the Greek underground more recognition?
The "Fuck Christ tour" was the very first black metal tour and it took place in 1993. The bands in order of appearance (from first to the headliner) were Immortal, Rotting Christ and Blasphemy. As you can imagine, having a Greek band in this event was something that drew people's attention to our black metal scene. After this tour and up to now, there have been countless tours that featured bands from Greece.

I take it you know of the Greek black metal band Necromantia? How influential have they been to Greek metal this far?
They are one of the first black metal bands ever from Greece. They were called Necromancy back then. Magus Wampyr Daoloth (now called The Magus) was responsible for turning a lot of people on to black metal. Having two bassists instead of a guitarist still is something out of this world.

If you’ve seen Necromantia live, how would you rate their performances? What are your favorite albums by them?
Necromantia never played live and they never will. My favorite albums are the split with Varathron entitled "Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins" and the "Ancient Pride" EP.

Talk about how active the underground scenes in Greece are. How many new bands have appeared there in recent years?
I couldn't possibly begin mentioning bands. Our underground scene is growing rapidly and super-fast.

Name some of the most prominent zines from Greece and indicate how much you would recommend them?
In Greece there are mostly webzines. The printed ones are very underground with the most known being "Are You Morbid?" Regarding webzines, I admire Reckoning Hour, Under The Sign Of Metal,, Hard Music, Metal Zone and Chromium Sun from Cyprus.

How long has Are You Morbid? been in print, and what genres does it usually cover? Do the webzines you cited have a lot of exposure outside Greece? Would you rather read a print zine or a webzine?
Are You Morbid? has existed since 2013 if I am not wrong, and according to the official Facebook page is distributed (besides Greece) in Finland, Sweden, Spain and Germany. So yes, I guess there is a lot of exposure in Europe. Their target is mostly black metal fans of course. As for printed zines or webzines, it goes without saying that I prefer print, but that doesn't mean that webzines are not doing an awesome work regarding interviews, reviews and support.

How many copies of your CD were made at first? Considering how quickly they sold, have you made additional copies?
The EP was released only on tape format, limited to 150 hand numbered copies. It is not sold out yet though we have very few left.

Who thought to name the EP Hellgoat Miltia, and how did the band choose the songs that were included on it?
The title was conceived by the bassist/singer Hel Pyre. The two songs were written by me and one by Vulgate. The truth is that we didn't have any more composed, so we used everything we had at the time.

Where is the promotion company Mercyful Hell from, and how did you hook up with them to release the EP?
The label is from Peru. It is run by a person who is supportive and delivers the best possible quality. This label was recommended to me by a friend. We talked and the deal was closed.

How much publicity has Mercyful Hell gotten the band? How many countries does it reach as far as promoting its acts?
The label promoted the band mostly in South America as it is based in Peru. They have a very decent network of zines, labels and bands and are doing awesome work promoting their bands.

Did the band hire an artist to design the cover art for Hellgoat Miltia? If so, has this artist designed many album covers?
The label is cooperating with Arts Of Pervertion who does the artwork when a band needs one.

How many bands has Arts Of Pervertion designed art for, and where can they be found on the net?
You can find them here: and witness the perfection of their artwork. We are very proud and happy to have their work on our EP.

What zines in Greece and other countries got hold of your demo for review? Which of those reviews had the best idea of where the band is coming from?
There were many webzines from Greece and abroad that became interested in reviewing our EP. I was happy to see that everyone knew where this band is coming from in every aspect.

Is Christfuck currently working on new material? Will any demo tracks be rerecorded for it or will new songs be written?
At the moment the band is laying low due to Vulgate focusing on the new W.E.B.'s album. Be sure though that there are a lot of ideas for a new release. Right now I cannot say if it will be an EP again or a full length but for sure there will be no re-recordings.

How soon is the new full length by W.E.B. expected to be released?
I cannot give an answer to that, but be sure that when it is time there will be an announcement by the band. I can assure you though that it will be within 2017.

Do your bands intend to tour once your new releases are out? Will you mostly appear in Greece or do you also plan to visit other countries?
Regarding Christfuck, it could be possible to do some gigs if something good shows up but not a tour, at least not in the near future. If we play live, it will be in Greece. Other countries are not in the band's plans for now. As for the other bands, it depends on what we have to do. W.E.B. are mixing the new album, Dismal Chant are recording the first full length and Mortuus Sum are also in the process of preparing the first full release. As you can see the schedule is pretty full. Time will tell what will happen. I want to thank you for this interview and send our hails and eternal gratitude to all the Sataniacs who support us from Greece and abroad. It means a lot to us.


-Dave Wolff

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