Friday, July 29, 2016

CD Review: STRAIGHT HATE Every Scum Is A Straight Arrow

Every Scum Is A Straight Arrow
Deformeathing Production
This is an odd one, not something I'd normally seek out but something I'm liking a lot. Straight Hate, hailing from Poland combine a number of influences from old school extreme punk like Discharge to Grind-core like Napalm Death / Terrorizer / Brutal Truth and even some Dying Fetus / Agoraphobic Nosebleed for this their very impressive debut album.
The songs seem to clock in at around a minute or so, but besides the old school punk sensibilities, there's a lot involved … great riffage excellent song progressions and some really cool chorus…. and some hellish double kick and blast beats. The songs don't get boring and are always entertaining. This is one angry band and you can hear it! I'm loving the vocals too, great projection and a seriously deathly voice that combines a lot of my favourite death metal vocalists. The guys aren't novices having formed in 2008 and 2106 being the year of their first release, these guys have obviously put in a lot of work to master the art of grinding and it shows.
Even if you're not a grind-core fan by definition, a lot fans of other death metal, heavier punk etc... will get something out of this, it is played with such conviction and precision that very few people would be able to deny the talent and sense of groove these guys have.
The recording is solid but still has that underground feel, it is hardly what you'd call a clean album but well recorded and the dynamics are great, all the instruments come across well in delivery which makes it much easier to listen to and enjoy!
I really can't think of anything that would make this better! It is great the way it is and I honestly think the lads are onto something great.... do yourself a favour and check them out! I see big things ahead of them if they stick to it.
Check the guys out on Bandcamp or Facebook. -Reggae

Track list:
1. High Priest's Hand Gesture
2. Don't Be So Cheap
3. Beautiful Slut
4. Self-Deception
5. Lovely Family
6. Fuck It This Is Grindcore
7. Looking for a Victim
8. The Defenders of Morality
9. Disagreement
10. Corporation
11. Ludzki Szlam
12. Extinction
13. Impatient Diarrhea
14. Old Friends
15. The King of Everything
16. Sofa Agent
17. Tear the Flesh

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