Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Video Review: AFFRONT Under Siege by Sarah McKellar

Under Siege
Affront is a Brazil based, Thrash/Death Metal project formed by Unearthly founder M. Mictian, earlier this year. Visually, Affront applies a simplistic yet effective approach with a montage of black and white band photos spliced with the bands logo. Fortunately, this leaves the viewer open to observe the sheer carnage applied aurally by Affront. Expect an assault accompanied by high octane aggression applied consistently through the entire track. The tight and technical drum lines display the talent and musical creativity of Jedy Najay. The technical and complex death stylings applied to the bass and guitar lines of Rassan and Mictian respectively add a polished feel to "Under Siege". The brutally aggressive growls of Mictian add to the genuinely uncompromising tone to the wall of sound that is "Arise". A technically tight, practiced clip from Affront. -Sarah McKellar

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