Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Earthworm Productions
The final promo of the four mailed to me by Worm is still more experimental noise from S.M.F., christened “heavy pink metal fuck” due to his perceived oversaturation of terms to describe a band’s sound. Not quite like the oversaturation of remakes and reboots coming from Hollywood but somewhat close. You could argue he contributes to it with the direction S.M.F. is heading in, and I imagine it would be too easy for most reviewers to categorically and unceremoniously trash the band and dismiss this full length as a pile of crap. But there is more to this CD, considering the fine line between having too many classifications in underground music and doing something untried and variant. There is something for which he can be credited in spite of the decidedly less than professional production. You can also argue that social media while going a long way toward unifying scenes from different countries, can allow for bands with less talent, and this recording more or less parodies the idea. Worm touts S.M.F. as the worst band out there, and id? is bound to annoy you if you’re searching for quality extreme music. I’m convinced that’s the point as the noise level is heightened deliberately. It’s on purpose that there is nothing redeeming about the putridly tainted guitars, repetitive sampling, and assorted senselessness. Worm has no qualms about poking fun at Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, and Slayer while seeking the most obnoxious, irrelevant music ever created. More new releases are soon to come from Earthworm Productions so watch for them. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Into The Metal
2. Turds {Crap Mix}
3. It Burns!!
4. Im 78 & 78 Pigs {**}
5. Deep Space 78 {**}
6. Slow Heavy In Thought {S.H.I.T.}
7. The Smooth Melodic Funk
8. A Slayer Funk!
9. Metal's Iq {**}
10. Alice's Drug {**}
11. Slayer's Rap
12. Live From The Shit Room {Live**}
13. Slow Heavy In Thought {Dub Mix*}

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