Monday, July 18, 2016

CD Review: GOO FISH 7 Day Drunk Demo/1509 Tapes

7 Day Drunk Demo/1509 Tapes
Goo Fish is a band who describe themselves as “a noise machine interested in stupidity and malice” and cite Ween of all bands as their influence. You may remember that band appearing in the movie It’s Pat in 1994? That’s the band Goo Fish cite as having been influential, haha. Ween, Coors Light, and Marlboro Lights are their biggest influences, and they profess to make music people will hopefully hate. Well, I didn’t hate the band as much as they hoped. I appreciated their style of Black Sabbath-tinged grunge along with their sense of humor when it came to lyrics about getting drunk and laid. It’s grunge, but not the radio friendly kind that had a good start but became trendy to the point of annoyance all too soon. The band says that people take music too seriously these days; Goo Fish was formed as a response to that and are intentionally silly. There are traces of doom metal and even hip hop in their formula. Granted the hip-hop elements are parodied on the two demos on this CD; still, it helps establish the band as unique in their own right. The band was formed by JC Spann of Roughdale zine in 2003 and strangely enough the music seems to fit the modern day Kerouac theme of that mag. It’s not typical doom, typical grunge or typical metal-hop. And things get progressively stranger as the CD progresses from the first demo featured to the second. After the sounds described above on 7 Day Drunk Demo, 1509 Tapes treats you to hypnotic droning guitars followed by pop elements and followed again by more hypnotic drone. Put together with lyrics about heavy drugs and imprisonment, it makes you wonder what could have generated such a bizarre and schizophrenic approach to composing. The second demo shows the most capacity for the band to travel into their own musical territory, especially what the final track has to offer. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
7 Day Drunk Demo
1. The Jonesville Conspiracy
2. Pussy And Beer
3. Milk Jug Wine
4. Old Day
5. Concrete Barriers
6. Get That Slat
1509 Tapes
1. The Soft Machine
2. Dead Dog
3. Gay Dudes On A Farm
4. I’m The Captain
5. Damp Kitten
6. Chrysanthemum

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