Saturday, July 2, 2016

CD Review: HEZALIEL Falling On Earth

Falling On Earth
Depressive Illusions (Ukraine)
We start with a goth/dark/atmospheric beginning which lets the imagination and mystery float, reminding me a bit of Dark Sanctuary (France). “The Time Is Come” is melodious darkness flowing graciously from the frozen past and absolute emptiness. Darkness falling slowly and following the temporal pendulum rhythm, cutting through the Light like a swinging crescent-shaped blade. This is how the quintessence of everything flowing from the origins of the universe. The band is inviting us to a journey of senses, in the middle between life and death where time does not exist: subzero. Darkness In My Heart is the consequence of ceasing to breathe; we spend time in silence within greater emptiness than the medial void. It reminds of the music in fantasy video games. The whole album let us imagine as we wish to. It's a real journey for our senses. "The Great War" is more aggressive, screaming and creaky, making me think of the march of Pyramid Head in Silent Hill, who let his blade trailing against the floor to get lost souls. The siren we also hear (synth) just reminds me of the sequence in the movie with the siren calling so people hide from Pyramid Head and the darkness. But the darkness was not the real enemy, the lying light was. Even the song "Everything Turns Into Dust" reminds me a bit of the movie as I remember when the burning pieces were falling like snow. I wanted to write this in a poetic way; it would take pages and pages because it's an inspiring album. Maybe one day I would write some verses. They really deserve tribute for their art. If you are still not convinced, listen to it again and think about the references I have mentioned; there are more than what I wrote. "Falling On Earth" is a crepuscular musical nugget for sophisticated souls. -Abyss Forgottentomb

Track list:
1. The time is come
2. Light becomes dark
3. Darkness in my heart
4. Floating in the void
5. Forgotten hope
6. The great war
7. Everything turns into dust
8. Breathing in the shadows
9. Light at the end of the fall
10. The Earth

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